Torching the frenemy weeds

To clear weeds and brush, wise farmers set precise fires, and renew the soil. And the land around you has plenty weeds and brush — those in whom the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled: Ever hearing, but never understanding; ever seeing, but never perceiving; hearts calloused: hardly hearing with ears, and with eyes closed. Matthew 13:14-15. They know the price everything, and the value of nothing.
And the new age has coined a phrase “friend-enemy” into “frenemy.” And such are the co-conspirators among the callous. And a gentle answer turns away their wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger to burn in the hearer’s heart (Proverbs 15:1). Yet cast not the pearls of a gentle answer unto swine (Matthew 7:6). And frenemies are perfected swine, and are a snare. Thus, stir up the anger of your frenemies — that they burn back their folly and renew their ways, or else that they, in their anger, exorcise themselves from your presence.