Reminder: The People Whom USA Constantly Oppresses—They Are Welcome to Emigrate to the United Utopia of Wakanda (UUW)

In Wakanda (i.e. Mommy Africa), they love the kind of mob justice happening in Minnesota and, now, around the country. Wakanda’s primitive societies also have widespread slavery—so these well-fed U.S. frauds can go live like kings, reigning over slaves in the paradise utopia of Wakanda.

No need to stick around in the USA—it’s a racist hell-hole! Go live in the paradise of Wakanda. And with your 80-point IQs, you can all jump right into society as elite Wakandan scholars, and study all the famous Wakandan sciences—like how to boil the limbs of albino children into a magic stew, or how to cure AIDS by raping infants.

Let’s start a dialog, frauds.

Justice, Jeremiah Ellison Style

Today, Minneapolis City Councilman Jeremiah Ellison sat down for an interview with our anti-white Zionist-controlled media. In the interview, Ellison pretended not to be a mindless anti-white savage with an IQ in the 80s—as he soulfully and charismatically talked about the importance of socially cannibalizing innocent white people, as justice for white-on-black media scams. Based on that interview, here are the steps to justice, Jeremiah Ellison style:

Step 1: Pretend you are interested in a trial for the officer(s) involved in the death of George Floyd.

Step 2: Name Philando Castile as part of your evidence of supposed ongoing injustice.

For those who do not follow these white-on-black scams long enough: the “white latino” who shot Philando Castile was acquitted after a full trial. Continue reading

Reminder: The COVID scam is a Governmental Riot, and a Corporate Looting

While the straightforward riots and looting continue, remember: The reaction to this COVID scam is nothing—at all—except a widespread governmental riot, and a corporate looting of the USA and the world: millions losing everything they worked for all their lives, millions dying. Your government has declared war on you. Any mainstream conversation less than this is a calculated distraction. The media is your enemy. And Trump is too—and not for any of the foolish reasons invented by the enemy media.

Reminder: The COVID Scam is an Act of War, Against Us, by Traitors in the Government

target work boots,  minneapolis riots.jpg

Reminder: The COVID Scam is an Act of War, Against Us, by Traitors in the Government

This picture plays on the old “blacks don’t want to work” so-called joke.

So the “joke” is that “the black looters didn’t steal the work-boots, because they don’t want to work.”

Meanwhile, remember the context of this “joke.” No—no the riots. Remember before this George Floyd fraud and the riots? Remember how traitors in the United States government outlawed work throughout the nation?

And in case you did not know: George Floyd had a job before the government’s tyranny of outlawing work. And George Floyd would have been less likely to be passing around counterfeit 20’s, if the government had not stolen his job—and
millions of others—as a tyrannical planned-reaction to this COVID scam.

But in case you just joined us—that is exactly what illegal immigration and minimum-wage laws do: steal jobs. Plutocrats use illegals to implode wage-values of the slave class. And if all else fails, minimum-wage laws do nothing—at all—besides invent unnatural unemployment, which is nothing except the creation of even-more-desperate slaves.

So remember:

Yes, the rioters in Minneapolis and beyond are frauds, and they are puppets.

Yes, the looting is not George Floyd—at all.

But also remember: this COVID scam is nothing—at all—beside a nationwide, indeed a worldwide looting—by government and the their corporate overlords. And millions are being murdered by government’s COVID scam reaction—right now. Trump and so many of the rest are traitors. And we are at war.

Riots Spread Nationwide, as USA’s Second Civil War Escalates out of Minnesota’s Fake News Anti-white Incitement (Reminder of Rampant Black-on-White Crime, in Minnesota and Beyond)

Puppet protesters are currently rioting throughout the twin cities area of Minnesota—and now throughout the USA—while pretending to fight against “racism” and “police brutality.” As usual, the media are enemies of truth, and are inciting violence by encouraging these riots to continue by calling them “protests.” And as usual, the riots are predicated on absolute fraud. Continue reading