Ignoring the Yellow Tape Around the Wombs of a Thousand Evil Black Mothers: Deserved Chaos Among Anti-white and Anti-black Social Cannibals—who target all the David Dorns, and all the Derek Chauvins

David Dorn, a black retired St. Louis Police captain, was just killed while responding to an alarm from looting, during these anti-white riots.


Play stupid games: win stupid prizes.

These race-riots are not about honoring degenerate criminal George Floyd, or the many black (and white) women he violently victimized: the race-riots are a calculated, concerted, politicized effort to murder police officer Derek Chauvin, for the crime of being white. Continue reading

Death of the Elders, Death Throes of Death-cults, and the Impossible Myth of a Technocratic Communism

More than a decade before a certain orange, Zionist (traitorous) president was vowing to “bring manufacturing jobs back from overseas”—I was reading, in several mainstream publications on global economics, all about how China’s economy would begin to collapse in the years upcoming: slowly, then rapidly, then precipitously. Continue reading

Ongoing, Government-funded Black-on-black Genocide in the USA

Reminder: precisely zero of this effeminate fraud would be happening—if George Floyd’s arresting officers were black.

Moral of the story: there are no “peaceful protests” in this matter, because there is nothing “peaceful” about the double-standards of anti-white hypocrites.

Meanwhile, as always: today, statistically, about a thousand black murderers killed their black baby, in the womb, with help from the Prevented Parenthood genocide program that is carefully run by both faces of USA’s uniparty.

RIP Clayton Lockett: Another Unarmed Black Victim

In our age of digital addiction, many can hardly remember more than the most recent injustice. Still, some internet historians may remember the 2015 torture of unarmed black man Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma. Lockett, a deathrow inmate, was supposed to receive a small but lethal injection and then coast off peacefully to sleep. But that did not happen—because hate-filled white racists had a different plan. Rawr!

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Illegal Diagnosis of “Karen” Amy Cooper by “Sissy Fraud Todd” Dr. Todd Grande, Who is a Criminal

Illegal Diagnosis of ''Karen'' Amy Cooper by ''Sissy Fraud Todd'' Dr. Todd Grande, Who is a Criminal


Last month, a suicidal black homosexual pseudo-man named Christian Cooper threatened a white woman named Amy Cooper (no relation). After his threats, the suicidal loser began filming the white woman, then racistly gaslighted the white woman—acting like she was just randomly unnerved for no reason—just that the suicidal loser is black. Then the whole loser world of suicidal leftist social cannibals pretended to care. Then that whole world carefully avoided acknowledging the suicidal homosexual’s later public posts on social media, where it acknowledged—proudly—its threats against the white woman. Continue reading

The Other Side of Leftists’ Drug-decriminalization Paradise (the chemical suicides of George Floyd & Rudy Eugene)

George Floyd is the current false-idol of the anti-truth left. During his 59 years, violent criminal George Floyd harmed many victims. Chief among George Floyd’s victims were the women that he held at gun-point during his home-invasions in Texas. Still, George Floyd’s #1 victim was himself.

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