Myth of successful Asian-American students (UCI example)

Myth of successful Asian students (UCI, University of California Irvine)

Facebook advertisement by UCI, bragging about their imaginary accomplishments

Leveraging rampant abuse of suicidal Asian children in order to appear successful is easier than you think! Following are six easy steps to be a “successful” school like the University of California Irvine by leveraging the misery of Asians:

Step 1: Select a student-body that is mostly (rich, hyper-socialized) Asians.[1]

Step 2: Select only miserable Asians who have been emotionally abused by their parents.[2]

Step 3: Be proud that the majority of your (rich, hyper-socialized, miserable) Asian students are female, while ignoring the massive suicide-rate of Asian-American females[3] who are emotionally abused by their parents.

Step 4: Ignore the burgeoning research[4] regarding epidemic suicide-rates among (rich, hyper-socialized, miserable) successful female Asian students.

Step 5: Ignore the scapegoating of anyone who tries whatsoever to adjust for the bad personalities of (rich, hyper-socialized, miserable, suicidal) successful Asian students.[5]

Step 6: Ignore the fact that Asian-Americans only excel in academia in the United States when they are, as children, subjected to familial torture and slavery.


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