Upholding Limited Government: Free Markets and Free Association, Not More Government, Should Expand and Protect Conservatives’ Speech on Social Media


This paper concerns the ongoing debate between liberal big-tech companies and conservative patrons of the companies—patrons who believe that their opinions are being discriminated against. Particularly, the paper addresses the calls by some conservatives to use government to force the companies to discriminate less. The paper analyzes the legal basis for using government force against the companies, and contrasts that method of change with an alternative: that conservatives exodus from the companies to the companies’ many competitors. The conclusion is that there is a legal basis for government to intervene or not. However, analyzing the issue Biblically, the conclusion is that free association and free markets, not expanded government authority, should be the vehicle of change. Continue reading

Saying the Names of Black Lives Matter’s White Victims

Recently, someone in a graduate-level class in Jurisprudence mentioned that “Black Lives Matter started between 2016 and 2020 due to police-shootings of unarmed African Americans, Hispanics and other races.”

Following is an excerpt of my reply to them, which serves as a short review of the history of the black lives matter scam, BLM terrorists—and their countless (literally uncounted) white victims. Continue reading

The Supreme Court as Political Pornography (and Roe v. Wade as economic-cannibalism)

“Roe v. Wade is the law of the land” parrot various nominated bookworms in front of Congress, as the bookworms beg to be a law unto themselves for the rest of their lives—beg to be on the United States Supreme Court.

Roe v. Wade is not the law of the land. Know how you know? Trying enforcing Roe. You Can’t. A law is nothing without enforcement. But you cannot enforce Roe—because Roe is not a law. Roe is an opinion. It is the opinion of six white guys and a mulatto—3 of them Republicans. Roe v. Wade is the irrelevant opinion that women have a right to economic-cannibalism. Continue reading

The COVID Scam is USA’s Zero-child Policy

Perhaps there are too many Chinese people anyways. In any case, every day about 1,000 people in China choose to murder themselves. Hundreds of thousands of suicides every year. China leads the world in self-murder. Even more Chinese would kill themselves, but Chinese slave-masters of Nike, Apple and others prevent self-murder of slaves, by putting up “suicide nets” around China’s plantations: the cold, concrete towers where people in China who don’t matter live and die building things for people who do matter—in China and around the world.

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SNL, Irreverent as Always, Caricatures Kamala Harris as Likable

Recently, sassy bottom-feeders at Saturday Light Live reinacted 2020’s first presidential debate. In the typical style of leftist political-cannibals, SNL mocked both sides to pretend editorial freedom—while humanizing their political side and demonizing the other. As always, SNL needed signs to teach the “jokes” to the living-dead audience.
The key lesson from the skit is that Kamala Harris is cool, charismatic, and likable.

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Yes, Multiling O Layouts Are Still Editable … manually in the app’s code (Omniease)

omni coding


Over the years, plenty people have asked me about my Omniease layout (picture above and talked about on this post: https://russlindquist.info/2019/02/19/omniease-layout-for-multiling-o-keyboard-on-android/). Omniease is a layout on the Multiling O app by an awesome app dev called Honso. As of now, as far as I know, many people are having trouble editing their Multiling O layout (Omniease or otherwise).

Problem: Multling O editing is now broken through the app!

The problem is either with the dev’s hosting of the editing site, or the fact that Google Plus it no longer a thing. In any case—you can still editing your Multiling O layout (Omniease or otherwise). Continue reading