The Other Side of Leftists’ Drug-decriminalization Paradise (the chemical suicides of George Floyd & Rudy Eugene)

George Floyd is the current false-idol of the anti-truth left. During his 59 years, violent criminal George Floyd harmed many victims. Chief among George Floyd’s victims were the women that he held at gun-point during his home-invasions in Texas. Still, George Floyd’s #1 victim was himself.

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Trans-Muhammad Officially Unites LGBT & Islam In Leftism’s Cult (SFTU 2807)

Trans-Muhammad Officially Unites LGBT & Islam in Leftism’s Cult

Once up a time, the cult of Leftism was having a hard time reconciling its pandering to Islamic fanatics with its celebration of the suicidal LGBT community’s many noble bug-chasers and gift-givers.

One trans-day, from the trans-sky, Trans-Muhammad appeared, and xe solved the seemingly impossible hypocrisy of Leftism’s death-cult:

“Allah sends murderers to heaven, and each murderer gets 72 virgins,” the pedophile prophet began. “AND: each virgin is a different gender!”

Gender as a Social Construct, and the Health Effects of Identifying as Trans

The mystics at the American Heart Association (AHA) report: “The heart attack symptoms in women can be different than men,” further reporting: “Although men and women can experience chest pressure that feels like an elephant sitting across the chest, women can experience a heart attack without chest pressure.”

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The COVID scam is a war on our children and their future

covid scam is a war against children and the future

The provably false COVID scam is a war on our children and their future. As a response to their COVID scam, the traitors and tyrants of a monopolized, politicized medical cult now mandate these masks—these unhealthy, dangerous, superstitious medical-good-luck-charms. This anti-science medical cult is the clergy of a technocracy that is selling the myth that we have outgrown our immune systems—that we are now medical cyborgs who need masks, government surveillance, and medical superstition in order to survive. This is a war against our children and their future. This war will fail. And those who fight on the evil side of this war—may they live long enough to eat each other alive in the shadows of those who reject their anti-life, truth-hating Satanism.


Realities of Psychology, the Importance of Etiquette, and the Natural, Inescapable, God-given Harmony Between the Different, Inherently Complimentary Sexes

Have you ever wondered why society destroys—and is destroyed by—so many effeminate man-children, who would not know manliness even if it were to smack them in the face for acting like a woman (i.e. for acting in ways that society will only ever tolerate from women)?

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Videos of “protesters” beating white people to death

Want to see videos of “protesters” beating white people to death?

Well, it is news—so your news will certainly report it to you.

And when they don’t, feel free to wonder why.

Now, if you’ll excuse me: I’m going to continue watching videos of white people being attacked and killed in response to our Zionist-controlled media inciting black (and white) puppets and pawns about this George Floyd fraud.

It almost makes you wonder what George Floyd’s many victims think about all this.

These Nationwide Anti-white Cults, Colin Flaherty, and the KKK

George Floyd’s autopsy revealed that the violent criminal died most of all from organ failure from the TNB of multiple drug-addictions. Long story short: Floyd’s terrible habits chained him to paper-thin health. Then, like fat pig Eric Garner: George Floyd was simply too unhealthy to manage the stress from resisting arrest as he did.

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