Prenatal Medical-lynchings, and Reverse-abortion, During Myths of Systemic Racism to Mask a Reality of Systematic Tyranny, Torture, and Murder

“George Bush doesn’t care about black people!”—a statement that was famously whimpered by feminine mom-killer Kanye West. This, in response to the government response to “Hurricane Katrina” in 2005—a natural disaster that killed as many whites as blacks.

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Racist Blacks as Racist Whites’ Social-tax-write-offs (Racist Black Devils in Blue: Deflating Two of Duke’s Bloated Mascots of Color—Christena Cleveland and Kafui Dzirasa)

“Pallid prizes for our muddy mascots!” boasts each elite leftist-mill in the Ivy League.

Affirmative-action is a key privilege for mediocre, self-hating black losers. Kafui Dzirasa and Christena Cleveland are two such losers—and Duke University is a pallid magnet for sanctimonious black narcissists. Continue reading

400 Years of Agents: Muddy Complicity in Forced Racial-integration—from Uncle Tom, to Brother Martin, to Daddy Barack

Today, yesterday, and for decades, USA’s Military-Industrial-Complex has and does mass-murder men, women, and children around the world. During this mass-murder, countless U.S. apologists have learned to parrot, “if we are so bad in the U.S.—then why do so many millions flock to us?”

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Impediments to a Black American Revolution (Chapter 2: Abortion Rights AKA Nigger Genocide)

Few political facts are clearer to the average U.S. citizen than that USA’s Zionist-controlled media are completely obsessed with two holocausts:

(1) obsessed with fabricating a holocaust against Jews during World War 2;

(2) obsessed with framing an ongoing holocaust against blacks as “empowerment” and “healthcare.”

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Impediments to a Black American Revolution (chapter 1: slavery myths)

Much manic black vanity arises by black-bought myths about slavery.

To say the least—cowardice, hypocrisy, blind rage, and laughable lies (CHBL): these will never underlie an enduring BAR (Black American Revolution).

One hint to the hypocrisy and blind rage that animates slavery-obsessed charlatans in our era—are myths about the notorious U.S. Supreme Court case Dred Scott v. Sanford. In 1857, the Court held that Scott, being born into slavery, had no standing to sue in court.

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Demons in the Mirror: Every Tyrant Earns the Symmetry of Their Tyranny

Once upon a time, Black Lives Matter set out to tear down the graven images and false idols put up to entrench and amplify the satanic white lies that a slave-nation of cooperative tyrants addicted itself into pretending that they believed. They toppled lies about a noble North, tarnished lies about an Honest Abe—even aimed to disclaim lies about a White Jesus.

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