Yes, Multiling O Layouts Are Still Editable … manually in the app’s code (Omniease)

omni coding


Over the years, plenty people have asked me about my Omniease layout (picture above and talked about on this post: Omniease is a layout on the Multiling O app by an awesome app dev called Honso. As of now, as far as I know, many people are having trouble editing their Multiling O layout (Omniease or otherwise).

Problem: Multling O editing is now broken through the app!

The problem is either with the dev’s hosting of the editing site, or the fact that Google Plus it no longer a thing. In any case—you can still editing your Multiling O layout (Omniease or otherwise). Continue reading

Cultural Enrichment In France as Colorful Hero Stands Up to White Supremacist Hate-thoughts

Cultural Enrichment in France—mostly peaceful protester of an undetermined race holds gun to teacher's head

SHITHOLE, FRANCE — A mostly peaceful protester of an undetermined race holds what appears to be some sort of gun-shaped object to defend against the implicitly biased thoughts in a suspected white-supremacist teacher’s privileged head.

Early reports from the protester, Ooga Mabooga of France, and his accomplices of color prove that the protester was getting his life back together while “dealing with the pain of knowing that someone, somewhere had used the n-word at some point.” The left reports that its prayers to satan are with the black terrorist and the white liberals who incite, puppet, and applaud his cowardice and racism.

For her part, the noble suspected white supremacist sat still—knowing that part of slavery reparations is tolerating rampant black crime and massive black-on-white violence. A later lie-detector test revealed that the white woman resented the black child for his protest. She is in jail. Viva la France!

#CulturalDiversity #MostlyPeacefulAssaultWithDeadlyWeapon

George Floyd jrs Rampage Through Minneapolis and St. Paul: Black-crime-as-usual Continues, and Media Traitors Continue to Hide it

Recently, George Floyd died as he lived: crying like a bitch whenever he was caught victimizing others, and having traitors in the media hide and downplay the crimes of people who look like him—even when the victims look like him.

Today, anti-truth media in Minneapolis are hiding the race of five violent black teens who used weapons to carjack black victim Abdizirak Bihi, one of Minneapolis’s many victims of violent George Floyd jrs.

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Tricked and Tortured Into Surrendering Anonymity

“Wear a mask and cover your license plate when defending your life and liberty against these deadly peaceful protesters” —Publius

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, traitorous police caged Steven Baca for defending himself against the violent rioters whom enemy combatants in USA’s Zionist-controlled media incite and then call “peaceful protesters.”

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, traitorous police caged Kyle Rittenhouse for defending himself against the murderous rioters whom enemy combatants in USA’s Zionist-controlled media incite and then call “peaceful protesters.”

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