“Hands Up, Don’t Foul”: Lebron James as the NBA’s George Floyd, in an Era of Effeminate Black Fraud (EBF), Slavery,and Mass-murder

Effeminate Black Fraud Lebron James, begging white rule-makers for undeserved pity by lying about someone who is playing by the rules

Last week, someone snuck the truth into the sunlight, to disinfect the most recent chapter of rampant black-on-white lies, violence, and political terrorism. So the police bodycam footage of the George Floyd arrest is now available to the public. And yet again: millions are shown to be liars and frauds.

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Amanda Coffman: Kansas Teacher Fails to Make Up For Her Unattractiveness with Honesty

In a message to her social media followers, hysterical hag Amanda Coffman declared that her time as a teacher was “like a bad marriage”: that she “never got her needs met but stayed in it for the kids.”

Meanwhile, teaching is like a bad relationship: whenever it involves a bad or incompetent woman–the woman frantically blames everyone but herself, drags kids into the middle of her contract negotiations, and then cries on camera in front of the school board to seem like a victim. Amanda Coffman is a terrible teacher, and a hysterical person–and the school district is better off with her gone. Continue reading

Gross Old Child-rape-enabler Brooke Shields Has Not Aged a Day! (BREAKING NEWS: And (((Jeffrey Epstein))) was never the problem)


Brooke Shields, lifelong sex-pet of Hollywood child-rapists: at 10-years-old, she was rented by her whore mom to Playboy; at 11-years-old, she was rented by her whore mom to Hollywood, to play the role of a child-prostitute; at 14-years-old, she fake-fucked for Hollywood’s film “Blue Lagoon”; at 18-years-old, she upgraded to smoking weed with niggers; at 55, she is just enjoying life as a fun, sassy proponent of pedophilia for the satanic Zionists in Hollywood.

Sexy, hideous hag Brooke Shields recently appeared in a swimsuit , as part of a barrage of irrelevant news that Zionist murderers and child-rapists are passing around to distract from the worldwide CONVID scam. Continue reading

HEADLINE: “For $100, Students Can’t Name Any Time Conservatives Shut Down Speaker” (RE: Campus Reform, 2018)

In 2018, the YouTube channel “Campus Reform” went onto college campuses and offered students $100 if the student could name a time when conservatives prevented the free speech of liberals. The students could not—because all that comes to their mind are those modern, myopic, trained instances where leftists shout down controlled-opposition “conservatives” like hate-filled sodomite Milo Yiannopoulos, or manly childless smoker Ann Coulter. Continue reading

Castration, Slavery, Murder, (and Pedophilia Myths) in USA’s ODD Death-cult

USA’s modern slavery keeps the average citizen caged in indoctrination camps—mispronounced as “public school”—right up to the point when the young men can be forced to kill and die in wars based on lies, and millions of the young women have fully pledged allegiance to self-hatred and the hate-filled, anti-family, satanic feminism of plutocratic patriarchs, including the insane belief that a woman has the right to murder a man’s child for her convenience.

Now, adults are classified as children—arbitrarily and strategically—such that the strong, competent, successful teenagers of just a few generations ago: they are now the litsless, list-less “children” on whom countless supposed “pedophiles” now prey. Continue reading