Want to End the Racism of Diverse Outcomes? Legalize Black-on-Black Crime, Decriminalize Black-on-White Rape, End Black Lawmaking, and Murder White Microaggressers

As we all know, everyone behaves identically. So in a just society, outcomes will be identical. Women are as strong and capable as men—and so only sexism prevents women from being at least half of combat soldiers and corporate CEOs. Likewise, there exists no civility-gap between whites and blacks—and so only racism prevents black men from being not the majority of violent criminals but rather only 6% of violent criminals.

The solution to USA’s anti-black white supremacist racial disparities and racist diversity-of-outcomes is simple—and involves four easy steps:

(1) legalize black-on-black crime;
(2) end black-on-white-rape shaming;
(3) end black lawmaking; and
(4) murder white-on-black microaggressers.

(1) Legalize Black-on-Black Crime

Generally, blacks attack blacks, and whites attack whites. But blacks get harsher punishments for attacking blacks than whites get for attacking whites. To end this sentencing disparity, equality is not enough: we need affirmative action. Blacks need to be more equal than whites, and so, at least for a while, we need to legalize black-on-black crime. That way, violent blacks can gradually heal from the racial injustice of consequences.

(2) End Black-on-White-Rape Shaming

Most rapists in the USA are black men, even though black men are about 6% of the population. This is because poverty causes crime. To end the racist over-representation in prison of black rapists, we must legalize rape. But for a clear message to the black victims of white rape-shaming, we must specifically legalize black-on-white rape.

After all, black men with access to white women do not think black women are pretty enough to marry, much less rape—so legalizing black-on-white rape would solve both the racist shaming of black-on-white rape as well as the unfair social norm of limiting black rapists options to the point that they have to settle for raping a black woman. For example, in Wisconsin, Jacob Blake would have much preferred to crawl through a white woman’s window and rape her next to her child—however, because of white supremacist laws limiting black access to white rape-victims: Blake had to settle for raping a black woman next to her child.

USA is the only first-world nation that fails to provide blacks with enough whites to rape so that they do not have to settle for raping black women. It’s time for change.

(3) End Black Lawmaking

From black-on-black-murder-shaming to black-on-white rape-shaming to drug-dealer-shaming, the pattern of injustice is the same: white supremacists greatest allies are black traitors. They are the ones who most loudly call for the racism of consequences for black-on-black crime. As mentioned above, to create a better society, we must legalize black-on-black crime. But that is only one step. We also must end black law-making and remove, from blacks, the racist privilege to advocate for consequences for black criminals. That way, black criminals can feel free to victimize blacks without fearing the racism of consequences.

(4) Murder White-on-Black Microaggressers

Above all, no black people are capable of succeeding as long as whites are allowed to hide secret, invisible racism. Some scientists proved that white blood pressure increases by over a thousandth of a percent when shown a picture of a black rapist. This is the racism of microaggressions—and it needs to be murdered. Also, some white people refer to black people as “you people.” That is also microaggression—and justice of color requires that those whites be murdered.


As we all know, everyone behaves identically. So everyone’s outcome should be identical. Only racism (and sexism) creates a diversity of outcomes. To end the white supremacy of racial disparities, we must legalize black-on-black crime, decriminalize black-on-white rape, end black lawmaking, and murder white microaggressers.

Either that, or we should ignore the hysterical hypocrites whose worldview is paraphrased above.

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