BREAKING-NON-NEWS: “Time-Vampire TikTok is Not a Utopia…yet!”

What!? TikTok’s makers are less than kind? In an aim to seduce new losers into stupidly wasting their time too, the Ching Chong company that owns tiktok is promoting a shiny image—by hiding people who are ugly, poor, or disabled.

From the Intercept: “Invisible Censorship: TikTok Told Moderators to Suppress Posts by Ugly People and the Poor to Attract New Users”

From the article: “The makers of tiktok, the Chinese video-sharing app with hundreds of millions of users around the world, instructed moderators to suppress posts created by users deemed too ugly, poor, or disabled for the platform.”

Imagine that: people aimed at wasting your time do not have good priorities. Here comes the leftist solution: “sUe tHem AnD FORCE tHeM tO hAvE gOoD pRiOrItIeS!!!!”

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