Oscars So White, Eazy E & Ice Cube, Willie Horton, Colin Ferguson, OJ Simpson, Roy Allen Stewart, Roy Allen Stewart, and the Myth of Black Moral Superiority

Oscars So White

In 2016, a hideous, diabetic, racist black she-ape named April Reign created the hashtag “#OscarsSoWhite” to protest that the Jews who run Hollywood do not reward enough mediocre, narcissistic black propagandists with academy awards.

During the anti-white hysteria of #OscarsSoWhite, plenty pets of USA’s Zionist-controlled media pointed out that it had been over 20 years since black propagandist John Singleton nearly won an Oscar for glorifying black violence and narcissism in a 1991 film where Laurence Fishburne—a few years before “red-pilling” neo in two trannies’ Matrix—played the 1991 film’s wise old nigger who charismatically red-pilled a group of violent black narcissists—by blaming black violence on white people.

Eazy E and Ice Cube

A few years before John Singleton was receiving praise by Hollywood Jews for his anti-white political pornography in Boyz in the Hood, the rap group Niggers With Attitude released an album called Eazy-Duz-It, which featured the violence-anthem “Boyz in the Hood,” which inspired effeminate black propagandist John Singleton to create his 1991 political pornography of the same name. The song was written by a short, effeminate black racist named O’Shea Jackson, who goes by the stage name Ice Cube. The song’s performer was Eric Wright aka Eazy E. For the same album, on the song Nobody Move, Wright rapped about trying to rape a hostage while robbing a bank, only to find out that the hostage was a tranny—so he killed it: “put the gun to his legs, all the way up his skirt because this is one faggot that I had to hurt.”

In 2015, effeminate black racist O’Shea Jackson aka Ice Cube co-produced the film Straight Out of Compton: political pornography that glorified the rap group Niggers With Attitude and its frontman Eric “the hostage-raping faggot-killer” Wright, aka Eazy E—who had died many years before, from AIDS, after having sex with men (though plenty fans of the Niggers With Attitude cult believe that Eric Wright was assassinated by the U.S. government for being a badass black revolutionary).  The fact that the 2015 Straight Out of Compton political pornography did not receive an award nomination was a driving force behind the 2016 anti-white hysteria “#OscarsSoWhite.”

Willie Horton

In the same year that Eazy E was rapping about raping hostages and killing faggots, black pets of the Democrat plantation saturated USA’s Zionist-controlled media—accusing Republican presidential candidate George HW Bush of racism because Bush’s 1988 presidential campaign broadcasted a picture of a black guy who had raped, tortured, and murdered white people—with the help of pro-crime Democrat policies.

In 1974, three niggers robbed a white teenager in Massachusetts. As the white kid begged for his life, the hate-filled niggers murdered him. They then crammed his body into a trashcan. One of the murderous niggers was Willie Horton, who had been previously convicted of attempted murder. The murderous niggers were not executed, because Massachusetts Democrats blocked a law to execute murderers.

While in prison, Willie Horton benefitted from a program for inmates to work outside the prison. The program, as created by Republicans, did not allow murderers to participate. Democrat Michael Dukakis expanded the program to include murderers. When let out through the program, instead of returning, Willie Horton broke into a white couple’s house, tied up and tortured the white man for hours then beat and raped the white woman.

Search the internet for Willie Horton. All you will find are news stories about how racist it was in 1988 to mention the criminal history of a nigger who—with the help of Democrat policies—raped, tortured, and killed white people.

That same year, an effeminate mulatto pothead named Barack Obama started at Harvard law school, while Eazy E was rapping about raping hostages and killing faggots. Three years later, in 1991, Obama graduated from Harvard, and John Singleton received an Oscar-nomination for his anti-white political pornography, Boyz in the Hood. (In the time between, a group of black guys beat and raped a woman in New York, in 1989. The group—called the Central Park Five—were convicted mostly by confession. Eventually, the rapists were freed based on legal technicalities and anti-white hysteria. USA’s Zionist-controlled media now treats the rapists as heroes and victims.)

LA Riots

A year later, in 1992, Obama joined an anti-white cult called the Trinity United Church of Christ. That same year, a black criminal on PCP named Rodney King violently resisted arrest, attacking several Los Angeles police officers. USA’s Zionist-controlled media then constantly played an edited version of the arrest, inciting the 1992 LA riots—where violent, cowardly niggers were out-of-control enough to loot and burn down stores, and attack random white people like Reginald Denny—yet famously managed to carefully avoid LA’s armed and ready Korean shopkeepers. Because the black rage was nothing but racist, masturbatory political theater. Rodney King received millions of dollars for resisting arrest. He later died at the age of 47—full of drugs, face down in his swimming pool in Rialto, California, in 2012 (two years before a school in his town was heavily criticized nationwide by USA’s Zionist-controlled media for asking students to think critically about whether the Zionist holocaust scam ever happened).

Colin Ferguson

A year later, in 1993, USA’s Zionist-controlled music industry released the anti-white political pornography Lethal Injection, by a short, effeminate racist named O’Shea Jackson. The album included the anti-white-women anthem “Cave Bitch” and the anti-white anthem “Enemy.” In the same year, Colin Ferguson murdered a bunch of white people in New York. During trial, Ferguson’s Jewish lawyers raised a “black rage” defense—arguing that white racism caused Ferguson to kill all those white people (and a couple Asians).

OJ Simpson

A year later, in 1994, OJ Simpson nearly cut off the head of his white-trophy wife. A year after that, news cameras recorded more than few black people cheering and dancing in the street when clearly-guilty Simpson was found not guilty because a cop investigating Simpson’s crimes had said “nigger” a few times. OJ Simpson’s legal team included Jeffrey Epstein’s Zionist pedophile friend Alan Dershowitz, and Kim Kardashian’s dad.

Roy Allen Stewart, of California

In the early 1960’s Roy Allen Stewart beat and robbed a bunch of women in California. One died. Through witnesses, the cops tracked down Stewart at his apartment, where cops found much of the stolen property of the beaten and robbed women. Stewart confessed. Anti-white hysteria and anti-cop bias permeated the nation’s leftist strongholds, and so the California Supreme Court ruled that the real crime was that the police who tracked down Stewart had failed to provide the murderer enough legal counsel: they did not tell him that he had the right to lie about his murder—so the court ruled that the police had violated Roy Allen Stewart’s right to be counseled by police about hiding murder. The United States Supreme Court upheld the California court’s decision, as part of the famous case Miranda v. Arizona from which we have the “Miranda rights”—named after a Mexican rapist who kidnapped and raped a teenager.

(The U.S. Supreme Court overturned rapist Ernesto Miranda’s conviction by Arizona’s supreme court, holding that the rapist’s confession was illegal because the police who arrested the rapist had failed to provide enough legal counsel to the rapist: failed to inform the rapist that he had a right to hide his rape and not confess to the police. The conviction was thrown out, and the rapist was retried—and again convicted, the second time based on evidence only, without any mention of the rapist’s confession. “Miranda Rights” are named after a rapist.)

Roy Allen Stewart, of Florida

In 1978, a white lady invited Roy Allen Stewart into her house for a sandwich. While there, Stewart stole a watch. The white lady confronted him. He beat, raped and killed her. He broke her ribs, broke her throat, and bit her all over the body.

The Myth of Black Moral Superiority

“White flight” is the racism of white people escaping from real or imagined black violence. USA’s Zionist-controlled media routinely incite violence against white victims. “Microaggressions” are when the brain scans of white people hooked up to machines indicate implicit bias towards innocent niggers. Thousands of blacks owned slaves in the American colonies. Every day, about 1,000 black murderers in the USA end a black life through a prenatal medical lynching at a Prevented Parenthood slaughterhouse.

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