Expanding Government—its Consequences, Intended and Unintended

In the United States, the second civil war now creeps along, as bipartisan domestic-terrorists in media and government have mandated masks nationwide to suffocate men, women, and children, in a calculatedly frantic response to the worldwide COVID scam. These traitorous terrorists intend their chaos. But the chaos of expanding government is not always intended. As Saint Pol Pot of Prek Sbov says: the road to hell is paved with the skulls of our happy customers.

Chink Lives Matter

For two decades, from 1955 to 1975, terrorists in the U.S. government lied to the U.S. citizenry about Viet Nam—to frighten and force the citizens into war based on such proven lies as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. USA’s terrorism against Viet Nam, et al., was intentional chaos—for the murdered Vietnamese (etc.) as well as the conscripted American murderers and their families. But three examples overlapping that intended chaos, and extending past it, were chaoses that the U.S. government caused unintentionally—for non-asthmatic children in the USA, for eventually fatherless children in the USA, and for eventually crippled kids in Panama.

Sometimes, through a coalescing of corruption, the evil, the myopic, and the lazy join together to become far worse than the sum of their parts. More than few pharmaceutical behemoths have been notoriously evil; more than few politicians have been notoriously myopic; more than few parents have manifested notorious laziness and greed.

Non-asthmatic Attacks

In the 1980s, a perfect storm of pharmaceutical behemoths, myopic politicians, and lazy, greedy parents informally joined forces to coach countless non-asthmatic kids into believing and pretending that the kids had asthma. The behemoths, politicians, and parents then split the rewards from their robbery—money and power—while the kids each just wandered off, with no idea how even to begin telling their story. Meanwhile, at each point in the robbery, there were people who meant well—poorly. As Saint Ruth Bader Ginsburg of Brooklyn would say: “Oy vey! It’s Metzitzah B’peh!”

Evil Panamanian Parents

Similarly, the U.S. caused plenty intentional chaos in Panama during the 20th century, to secure access to the Panama canal. However, the U.S. also unintentionally contributed to massive chaos in Panama—by giving aid to the parents of crippled children. It went like this:

(1) the U.S. government sought to improve its image among Panamanians by providing aid to the country;
(2) the U.S. prioritized for the aid to go to the neediest Panamanians—particularly crippled children;
(3) a racket arose among lazy, greedy, evil Panamanian parents, who—hearing that U.S. aid was mostly for crippled kids—began breaking the bones of the children, in order to qualify for U.S. aid. Now, a whole generation of Panamanians in older age have lived for decades with permanent disfigurement from being crippled as kids by their parents to get U.S. aid. As Saint George H.W. Bush  of Milton said: “I killed JFK for USA’s premiere terrorist cell: the CIA.”

Fomenting Fatherlessness

Similar to that, after all the murder in Viet Nam, the karma of statistical probability visited the U.S. in the form of countless crippled, drug-addicted, suicidal Viet Nam military veterans—men doomed to live out the consequence of their cowardly failure to refuse their role in the terrorism against Viet Nam. To say the least, few of these veterans could manage fatherhood. So after all the terrorism against Viet Nam, to give floundering, fatherless U.S. slaves the bread and circuses of subsistence, the U.S. government’s warfare state expanded the welfare state. And just as the U.S. government in Panama had prioritized for the neediest in Panama—crippled kids—likewise, the U.S. government especially expanded the post-Viet-Nam welfare state for the neediest Americans: fatherless children. So just as incentivizing evil parents in Panama led to them physically crippling their kids for government aid—so too incentivizing evil wives and mothers in the U.S. led to the evil wives and mothers abandoning countless husbands and fathers—to marry the state and get the child-support of welfare.

Government as an Embodiment of the Law of Unintended Consequence

As Saint Hitler of Berlin said: never attribute to malice that which can be explained by mistake. Ignoring that, generations of degenerates have vaunted the myth that the U.S. government demanded fatherlessness for welfare. No. That is just another glib nig swig from the fount of excuses for black failure. Meanwhile, in the real world, the government only prioritized for those most in need: children without fathers.

Thereafter, as in so many such a case, rats and snakes in carefully guarded echo-chambers have seized on the myths of liars and fools to ensure that the government could properly expand to meet the needs of the expanding government—especially to redress grievances arising from the previous government, which was not nearly big enough to properly punish itself for being to small.

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