Consolidation of Political Power by Patriarchs: The Only Enduring Consequence of Feminism

*Following is a note I just passed to someone on Facebook about the relationship between feminists and the patriarchs who govern them…

Feminism is nothing but a cult created by men to seduce foolish women into obeying the men who govern. The fantasy of feminism is that, eventually, women will be in charge. Meanwhile, what we actually see is that feminism is never anything but an excuse for bad and lazy women to ignore and to be ungrateful for all the privileges that men already give to women—while the women pretend they don’t need men.

The patriarchs’ feminist pawns pretend that they want gender equality. To see what gender equality would look like, just study China—where the communist party mandates equality. China is one of only two countries in the world where women self-murder (suicide) more than men. That gives you a sense of the misery that real gender equality brings to women.

This is why no woman really wants gender equality. As I have said before: when was the last time you heard about a woman desperately trying to find a man who is her “equal” in height, strength, finances, courage, prestige, etc.? Never. Instead, as everyone knows, feminists want equality whenever that is more useful for women; but they want inequality (special privileges and protections) whenever that is more useful for women.

This hypocrisy disgusts men, which tempts men to abandon even good women—and men’s abandonment of good women is the goal of the patriarchs who are the puppeteers of feminism: the more that men abandon women, the more that the men who govern can consolidate their power by consolidating their authority over fearful, hypocritical women.

Therefore, the only politically enduring consequence of feminism is, ironically, the accrual of political power by the patriarchs who carefully control the whining and begging of feminists.

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