The Poisonous Myth of Altruism—How Fake Kindness Creates Real Misery and Tyranny

Duty directs Christians. Communists crave power. Altruism is a myth. It animates no one—Christian, Communist or otherwise.

For Christians, no martyrdom is altruism—only duty. Even the books about Jesus say he begged to avoid the cup of suffering while resigning himself to duty: “thy will be done.” Matthew 26:39. For at least centuries, cults have ignored Jesus’s begging—and his immense rewards—to fetishize Jesus’s duty as martyrdom: altruism.

For Communists, the pretense of altruism arises rarely, and only in the most abstract theory or calculated propaganda. Factually, no communist slows his frantic sprint—his will to power—for anything, and least of all for something so destructive and masturbatory as kindness for its own sake. Instead, communists only pretend a sheen of altruism as a political (and mental) defense-mechanism, for the communist to avoid seeming (and feeling) to be what he is: a slithering coward and an absolute fraud. Otherwise, he would simply stay with his truth thesis: “the world is only war; the only real tool is power; and I will cage, castrate, or kill you the instant that it is convenient to do so.”

Once upon a time, Thomas Jefferson took a break from having sex with his slaves to philosophize that “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” This cycle applies also to cafeteria-Christians and communism’s destructive masturbaters—all of whose mental and political knots eventually come to naught. As original principles resurface in less distracted minds, long gone are many myths—including the myth of altruism.

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