Trump Frees Violent Black Drug Kingpin—Charles “Duke” Tanner

When USA’s Zionist-controlled media teams up with the most Zionist U.S. president in history—Donald Trump—you can trust that lies and treason are afoot.

USA’s Zionist-controlled media can market anything to the nation’s weak “anti-racist” racists—just by selling it with pictures and videos of some fake-charismatic, fake-soulful black criminal, liar, fraud, etc. Enter soulful, charismatic black fraud criminal Charles “Duke” Tanner.

In a politically pornographic effort to prove he is not racist, Trump recently granted clemency to a bunch of dangerous black criminals. Studies indicates that if you only know or know of degenerate blacks—you’re probably a racist loser who does not bother knowing any normal, non-degenerate blacks.

Nevertheless, all of USA’s Zionist-controlled media agree: Tanner is just “a former boxer” and “a first-time offender” who was jailed for “nonviolent drug offenses” after he “sadly became involved in a drug conspiracy.”

Then you hear that Tanner originally got life in prison which was reduced to thirty years. This leaves you with two possibilities: (a) Charles Tanner was a victim of a racist U.S. justice system; (b) USA’s Zionist-controlled media is infested with pathological liars. Go ahead: guess.

According to Charles “Duke” Tanner’s court record, Tanner led a gang that trafficked tons of cocaine for years and possessed many illegal guns. Keep this in mind anytime anyone talks about “first-time offenders” and “nonviolent drug crimes” to disguise reality.

Charles Tanner is a fraud and a liar—just like his hero, Donald Trump.

And remember, Trump worshiping idiots: the mean old Obama administration denied clemency for violent black criminal coward Charles Tanner.

Also, Trump’s failure son, Don jr., reminded on twitter that dangerous criminal coward drug kingpin Charles Tanner was sentenced based on Joe Biden’s evil, racist 90’s crime bill. Now you know everything you need to know about that set of laws.

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