When Chinese School-zombies and Dad-less U.S. Deadbeats Start Their Mass-self-extermination

We call it “success,” when obsessed Asians ritualistically abuse their children into flawless grades.

We call it “racism,” when Harvard and the rest try to course-correct against blindly accepting every book-smart, life-retarded Asian whose parents ritualistically abused them into flawless grades.

We call it “failure,” when a high school student—black or not—does not quietly kill the early adulthood of their late teens: refusing to sit still while half-engaged liars at lecterns indoctrinate a nation into irreligious faith in the importance of sitting still and obeying half-engaged liars.

Meanwhile, the failed state of China—its population flipped by mass-infanticide—smears color-seeking wolves (色狼) worldwide: desperate to infest the rest of humanity with the same social-math that doomed the nest of these droopy yellow dog whelps (狗崽子).

Now, a generation of Chinese losers have hope to gut mĕiguó with mask-mandated help from a few failed and failing generations of effeminate, empty U.S. feeder-sheep: weak weirdos trained for cowardice and obedience by their sick, stupid “single moms”—all of whom will forget to more than mask and model the mass-hysteria that they satanically echo from the pit into which they, themselves, have fallen (Proverbs 26:27). Then through various modes of mass-suicide, these hungry ghosts will fail spectacularly. And only their fleas will mourn the hanging blue carcasses that had been desperately devoted to robbing sense and potential.

And that revolution will not be televised.

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