Upcoming Legacy of White Liberals’ Mindless White Mascots: Lyz Lenz

Once upon a time, a gross boring old lady declared that she is a good cook—and how now that she is divorced, she is “never cooking for a man again.” The gross boring old lady was Lyz Lenz.

This week, the gross boring old lady wrote a political hit-piece against the grocery store chain Hy-Vee. The featured picture shows four obediently masked black mascots jumping on a police car. The caption for the photo: “Protesters dance on top of a police car.” Yeah: protesters. Imagine being married to a lying old loser like Lyz Lenz.

In the article, citing a message sent by Hy-Vee CEO Randy Edeker to the chain’s break-rooms, lying loser Lenz summarized the message as follows: “Edeker’s message is clear: Donald Trump and the chaos of his presidency have been good for business.” Imagine being married to such a lying loser. No man in the world wonders why Lyz Lenz is divorced. And there is precisely zero chance of Lenz’s children growing up not hating her.

Inevitably, the children of “single moms” like Lenz hate them. Only desperation and sentimentality keep the kids with their mom for any longer than absolutely necessary. And these frantic, lying losers—this “single mom” trash—are the secret weapon of government tyranny: “we’ll alienate the children from their fathers, force them to live with mindless hysterical losers like Lyz Lenz—and then the kids will learn to obey our tyranny: masks, vaccines, wars, etc.”

Meanwhile, who hasn’t seen the consequences of when children are doomed to live with a “Lyz Lenz”: the weak, lazy, unhappy, hate-filled children that result. The fantasy of tyrants is that they will leverage the kids’ weakness, laziness, unhappiness, and hate to steer and control the children. These tyrants—whether Zionist, Chinese, or boring old European—are all tactics, no strategic. Their nonsense only works in the extreme short-term: the most that the children of the world’s Lyz Lenzs will do is kill or otherwise reject their mom. And on the rare occasion that the kids identify with their sloppy “single mom”—then those kids will be hated to a legendary degree by their own kids.

So feminism as patriarchs’ tool to banish men and stupefy women: it can only even function for a generation or two. And meanwhile, it is not even really effective: while tyrannical daddy-government conspires will cotton-crammed failure moms—real men and women are busily making families and creating the real foundation for the future. To say the least, it will be a future that does not at all remember limp lying losers like Lyz Lenz.

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