Upcoming Legacy of White Liberals’ Mindless Black Mascots: 50 Cent Example

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is a mentally retarded multimillionaire black mascot on white liberals’ expanded plantation. Jackson receives his monetary allowance by charismatically flaunting black cowardice and failure—in a nation where, every day, about a thousand black women murder a black child with a prenatal medical lynching at a Prevented Parenthood slaughterhouse. When 50 Cent dies, his legacy will surely be as stupid and silly as his life.

In the early 21st century, 50 Cent’s Jewish handlers sold many millions of his album Get Rich or Die Trying. The album includes the song Heat. There, Jackson angrily nigs about shooting at the home of his adversary’s mother.

Elsewhere in the album is the song Patiently Waiting. There, 50 Cent aka “Nig-nog da Truf” states that, “When I die, they’ll read this and say a genius wrote it.” Seconds later, Nig-nog da Truf says: “In this white man’s world, I’m simular to a squirrel: looking for a slut with a nice butt to get a nut.”

Yes, he said “simular,” and yes: he states the belief that he will be remembered as a “genius” for such lyrics as a double-entendre that analogizes his sexual prowess and a hungry squirrel.

Plot twist, and understatement of the year: when multimillionaire Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson dies, no one will remember him as a genius. Rather, when Jackson dies, either all traces of him will be quickly swallowed by the next Zionist-propped mentally retarded black mascot—or else white liberals and their black mascots on the expanded plantation will cite 50 Cent’s massive mental retardation as proof of racism: “Da white-power structure forced that black millionaire to sit around bragging about sluts and squirrels!”

…meanwhile, imagine trying to talk sense to a brain-dead effeminate narcissist like 50 Cent.

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