Distributed Idea Suppression Complex: Note to Pro-Trump Puppets About Anti-Biden Media in 1988

Currently, mindless pro-Trump puppets are addicted to politically masturbating to the fantasy that Donald Trump is more than a Zionist traitor. One example of the political masturbation is a compilation video about Joe Biden’s supposed plagiarism—a 1988 political-hit-job coordinated by the media-military-industrial-complex—that all the pro-Trump puppets commenting say is the good old days when media were honest.

Meanwhile, if mindless pets looked at the context of the anti-Biden media hysteria of 1988, the would quickly learn that the Zionist-controlled media were busy sabotaging Job Biden’s presidential campaign because Michael Dukakis was the DNC’s preferred candidate to lose the 1988 facade election to George HW Bush—who was USA’s former head terrorist, as the director of the CIA.

Then, as president, Bush immediately escalated Zionist terrorism in the Middle East. One example was Operation Desert Storm, which was terrorism based on such lies as the testimony of 15-year-old terrorist Nayirah, a lying whore whose testimony was coached by her terrorist father: Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwaiti Ambassador to the U.S. Nayirah was coached to feed the Zionist traitors in Congress the pretext they wanted to terrorize Iraq in Desert Storm and waste about 60 billion dollars.

So now mindless pro-Trump puppets all pretend to believe that Biden is the problem. Meanwhile, Trump is the most Zionist president in U.S. history, and by the end of his first two years in office, Trump had overseen more U.S. terrorism than Obama oversaw in eight years. (And Obama oversaw ten times the terrorism as George W. Bush.)

—Russ Lindquist

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