Distributed Idea Suppression Complex: 21st Century Schizoid Jew Invents Political Wheel

About a dozen decades ago, John Acton mentioned what everyone knows: power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But of course only God has absolute power, so Acton’s parallelism fails, but the point remains: the more power someone has, the more potential they have to be corrupt.

Nowadays, several slithering Zionists gangsters have sold their souls for a stranglehold over media—i.e., over the misinforming of millions. All tactics and no strategy, the gangsters’ powers extends only to neurotic, doomed political-correctness: the preempting of forthright communication.

As these Zionist gangsters curl up and die, the rats and snakes infect their heirs with the same craving for fleeting authority over magic fictions. Chief among their tired myths is a fake Holocaust to hide real holocausts—their own and others’.

A lifetime of lies is a full-time job, so Zionist wretches politically cannibalize their children: dooming them into being as frantically booksmart and unlikable as they are.

One such doomed pair are the brothers Weinstein, Eric and Bret—a couple of wizened failures whose self-claim to fame is being misunderstood by shit-colored pawns who somehow don’t know how magnanimously the brothers enable the anti-white neurosis of shit-colored pawns.

At some point during lifelong masturbation, the brothers hit upon the fresh, amazing idea that Zionist-controlled media is a closed circuit of calculating pharasites that hide reality from their hosts. They termed their intellectual property the “Distributed Idea Suppression Complex.”

Speaking of the suppression of ideas—here are some excerpts from what the Zionist-controlled media considers the most evil book ever: Mein Kampf;  as you read the excerpts, try your best to pretend not to know why the book is constantly outlawed and burned:

The result was a constantly growing number of followers for the movement and a great increase in registered members too. This success naturally kept our opponents from getting any rest. Their tactics wavered between terrorism and a conspiracy of silence. In time they were forced to realize that they could not hinder the movement’s development by either method. So, as a last supreme effort, they decided on an act of terrorism they hoped would put a definite stop to any further meetings.

As a show of force, there was a mysterious assault on a parliamentary deputy by the name of Erhard Auer (a member of the Bavarian Parliament and the Social Democratic Party). He was allegedly shot at by somebody one evening. That is to say, he was not actually shot, but an attempt had been made to shoot at him. The outstanding presence of mind and the proverbial courage of a Social Democratic party leader thwarted the cunning attack and made those evil perpetrators who were responsible run away in shame.
It was most peculiar that the dark faults of old Germany were only exposed when doing so had the potential to harm the inner stability of the nation. In such cases, the unpleasant truths were shouted at the great masses while many other things were bashfully kept quiet and hushed up or simply denied.

Denial or silence were the clear choices when the open discussion a problem might have brought improvement. The competent members of the government understood next to nothing about the value and nature of propaganda. Only the Jew knew that the clever and persistent use of propaganda could make Heaven seem like Hell and Hell appear as Heaven itself, or make the most miserable type of life seem like a paradise.
While natural cowardice makes the upper classes turn away from any man the Jew attacks with lies and slander, stupidity or simplemindedness makes the broad masses believe everything they hear. The State authorities either hide behind a wall of silence or prosecute the victim of an unjust attack just to put an end to the Jewish journalistic campaign, and that is what usually happens. The procedure of quieting down any such trouble, which in the eyes of one of these jackassesinoffice, is supposed to maintain governmental authority and safeguard peace and good order. Gradually the Marxist weapon in the hands of the Jew becomes a constant bogey-man to decent people. Fear looms like a nightmare on the mind and soul of decent people. They begin to tremble in front of the fearful enemy and in that moment they become his doomed victims.
The word Party scared off the fanatics who live in the past, as well as the big talkers who spout meaningless phrases about the “racial idea”. The other part, National Socialist German Workers, freed us from a whole parade of knights of the “intellectual” sword and all the ragged misfits that carry “intellectual weapons” as a shield to cover their cowardice.

Naturally the most violent “attacks” on our new movement came from these racialists. Of course the attacks were not physical, but only with their favorite weapon of pen and ink, just as you would expect from such racialist pen heads. To them, there was something revolting about our principle which stated, “If a man offers us violence, we will defend ourselves by violence”. They criticized us profusely claiming we possessed a rude type of worship for the rubber club and that our ranks lack any form of intellect. These quacks fail to realize that in a meeting of racialists, a Demosthenes can be silenced by just fifty idiots who rely on nothing but their lungs and their fists if those idiots do not want to let him speak. (Demosthenes was a Greek statesman and orator who was a major political speaker; here, meaning even a great speaker can be easily silenced.) The inborn cowardice of the racialist always keeps him out of any such danger. He does not make noise when he works and he never steps out of the crowd–he is always careful to stay silent.

Even today I cannot warn our young movement strongly enough against falling into the trap of these “silent workers”. They are not only cowards, but they are all incompetents and donothings. When a man knows something is going to happen, and he realizes it is a real danger, and he sees, with his own eyes, the mere possibility of solution, he damned well has the duty and obligation to act. He must make a public stand against evil and openly work for its cure, not work “silently”. If he does not do so, he is a miserable weakling who has forgotten the meaning of duty and a failure either through cowardice or through laziness and inability. The great majority of the “silent workers” merely pretend to know what Heaven knows. None of them has any ability, but they all try to fool the whole world with their smoke-screen. They are lazy, but with their alleged “silent” work, they appear to be enormously active and productive. In a word, they are swindlers and political day-workers who find the honest work of others disgusting. When one of these racialist moths prefers the darkness in the valley of “silence”, you can bet a thousand to one that in the dark, he is not producing but stealing and stealing from the fruit of others’ work.

In addition, there is the arrogance and conceited disrespect that this lazy, night owl crowd dumps on the work of others. They constantly complain about the works of others in a condescending way, and in so doing they actually help the deadly enemies of our nationality.

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