Soulless Black Racists and Spineless White Scholars

Spineless white scholars and soulless black racists deserve each other. Following are a few examples of how stupid and dishonest they are.

Anthony Johnson

Once upon a time, in colonial America, a black named John Casor was the indentured servant of a black master named Anthony Johnson. After many years, Casor believed he had paid off his indenture, so he left Johnson and tried to work for a white man named Robert Parker.

Black man Johnson sued white man Parker for the return of black man Casor. In 1655, a Virginia court settled the case of Johnson v. Parker. There, the court ruled against white man Parker and awarded black man Johnson the lifetime servitude of black man Casor. Further, the court ordered the white man to pay the black man’s legal fees. The case is commonly known among historians and many others (though it is greatly overshadowed by the blacktarded political pity-porn of Dredge Scott v. Sandford, which is commonly cited by black—and white—pseudo-scholars as proof that no blacks had any rights in the USA—until white-daddy government started giving nigger bitches the right to murder their children with prenatal medical lynchings at government’s Prevented Parenthood slaughterhouses).

Barack Obama

Once upon a time, USA’s white liberals declared some white lady’s son to be “USA’s first black president.” The mulatto’s name was Barack Obama. The mongrel built its political career by pretending to be black and by deniggerating white people—in general and especially its rich white grandparents, who raised it in Hawaii after its black dad beat and abandoned its white mom. Anti-white racist liberals spent many years pretending that mongrel Obama was black and charismatic—and that the mongrel’s social and political silver-spoons represented progress for black Americans. At one point, news broke that Obama was descended from the famous slave John Punch—on his white mother’s side. That the mongrel had slaves on his white mom’s side—this, according to politically brain-damaged leftists, somehow proved that Obama was a Messiah who could redeem the pretended slavery sins of past and present white Americans generally.

John Punch

Hundreds of years ago, in colonial America, a white guy named Hugh Gwyn owned the indentured servitude of two whites and a black. The life expectancy of the colonies’ indentured servants was as low as 20 years. The life of an indentured servant was horrible—usually worse than the life of a slave. The life of Hugh Gwyn’s white and black servants was so bad that the three risked running away. All three were whipped savagely—the whites more than the black, who was named John Punch. The case is famous in the modern era—for its pretended white privilege: the court extended the whites’ indenture for years but extended black Punch’s servitude for the rest of his life. Limp, anti-white racists focus on black Punch’s life-sentence of servitude. Meanwhile, no evidence suggests that the savagely beaten whites survived their indentures.

Donda West

As a black female academic, Dr. Donda West, PhD, was a laughable fraud. Self-identifying as fat and ugly, the lazy and narcissistic racist’s life was poorly and short lived: in her 50’s West used the money of her racist, effeminate son—Kanye—to pay for the cosmetic surgery that killed her.

Kanye West

Six years after his mom died from being a fat, lazy, racist, stupid narcissist, Kanye West rapped that his “momma was raised in an era when clean water was only served to the fairer skin.” Two years before his fat, lazy, stupid, racist, narcissistic mom died, Kanye famously said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” criticizing Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina—about half of whose victims were white (similar to how countless Kanye-colored racists cried “racism” over the 2014 water crisis in Flint Michigan—a city that, in addition to being constantly crippled by black criminals, is about 40% white).

Michael Jordan

Ball-bouncing and fake charisma did not earn Jordan his billions. Most of Jordan’s money came from him promoting shoes made by Nike’s Chinese slaves. Crap-colored critics have bashed Jordan for years for investing some of his slavery-earned money into for-profit prisons. In 1993, crap-colored criminals captured and killed Jordan’s bourgeois dad.

Lebron James

As the biggest, baddest, blackest, lowest-IQ ambassador for slave labor in China, Lebron James wants every cowardly black racist to fixate on the myth that black lives matter. Meanwhile, Lebron-colored losers enslave blacks in Africa to this day. And if, today, Lebron were an albino in Africa, then he would need to outrun the niggers in Africa who—to this day—hunt albino children, cut off the children’s arms and legs, and sell the limbs to nigger witchdoctors in Africa, who use the limbs to make “magic potions” that the Lebrons in Africa believe will bring good luck.

Bill Cosby

For decades, anti-white racist blacks hated Bill Cosby because he criticized the sloppy dress and goofy diction of proud black losers (“sagging” and “ebonics”). Years later, a bunch of white (and sub-white) women accused Cosby of rape. So Cosby regained his credibility among many in the anti-white “black community” cult—who forgave Cosby for his prior sins of talking sense to failing blacks. Then the anti-white cult of sloppy, goofy black racists created several conspiracy theories about how the dozens of rape accusations were just racist attacks against Cosby.

Maya Angelou

When Maya Angelou was four-years-old, her reckless black parents sent her and her three-year-old brother alone on a thousands-mile train-trip to live with their grandmother. When she was 8-years-old, Angelou confided to her brother that she was in a consensual sexual relationship with her black grandmother’s black boyfriend. Angelou’s black family lynched the black man. Angelou resented the lynching of her sexual partner and so she refused to speak for about five years. Her fear of black violence eventually caused her to seek relationships only with civilized (European) men. Angelou is laughably remembered for her faked solidarity with USA’s countless anti-white black racists—who all pretend together that USA’s blacks are under attack not from shit-skinned savages but rather from white people.


These are just a few of the countless stories of the people whom spineless white scholars and soulless black racists try to pass off as perpetual victims. Every single claim made above is easily verifiable. The sum of such a society of truth-hating weirdos—is that they deserve the frantically chased self-destruction of their constant lies.

—Russ Lindquist


Here are a few more verifiable stories:

•Stephanie Neiman’s family watched a nation of insane anti-white racists pitying Clayton Lockett—the man who raped Neiman’s friend then shot Neiman and buried her in a shallow grave where she suffocated to death.

•Mike Brown tried to murder the wrong white cop. Brown is now widely considered a martyr. (Because of anti-white lies and incitement by USA’s Zionist-controlled media about Brown’s death, Zemir Begic’s pregnant wife was forced to watch black “protestors” beat her husband to death with hammers.)

•Trayvon Martin tried to murder the wrong Jewish Peruvian. Martin is now widely considered a martyr. (Because of anti-white lies and incitement by USA’s Zionist-controlled media about Martin’s death, blacks in the same town beat white Mark Slavin with hammers. Slavin may be dead. No one knows because only local media cover the black-on-white violence incited by USA’s death-worthy Zionist-controlled media.)

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