Leftist Cult of Anti-science Fanaticism: Climate-change Scam, COVID scam, and Beyond

These days, the death-cult of leftism has convinced its cowardly, obedient fanatics that government-mandated hypochondria is about saving the world.

(Hypochondria is an addiction to obsession about one’s health. A hypoconchodriac is addicted to obsessing about their health.)

The COVID scam is generally about four things:

(1) training cowards and fools to obsess about their health for no reason;

(2) training cowards and fools to insist that others obsess about their health for no reason;

(3) training cowards and fools to accept a society where people beg government traitors and medical clergy for the right to go outside, to have a business, to be next to other people, etc.;

(4) replacing faith in God with the worship of worldly wisdom.

Now, the COVID scam joins the climate-change scam as the two most popular anti-science obsessions of the leftist death-cult.

Science vs Leftism: Richard Lindzen vs Bill “nonsense non-science” Nye

More than a decade ago, Larry King (then of CNN) hosted an interview/debate between a guy named Bill Nye and a guy named Richard Lindzen. Nye argued that “humans—extra ones” are destroying the world through climate change. Lindzen argued that Nye’s argument is anti-science and that Nye does not know what he is talking about.

Bill Nye has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. And the leftist cult is obsessed with and worshipful of non-scientist Nye’s nonsense contributions to the anti-science climate-change scam.

Richard Lindzen is a Harvard-trained atmospheric physicist and professor emeritus for MIT.

The Leftist Climate Cult’s Anti-scientific Method

Science, according to the anti-science cult of leftism, contains the following steps:

(1) leftist government targets its research funding to unprincipled whores in labcoats, who concoct whatever conclusion their government donors want;

(2) leftist media ignores or attacks the Richard Lindzens of the world;

(3) leftist academics quote the cult research of leftist whores in labcoats;

(4) countless leftist college students leave school stupider than when they arrived—remembering little more than that to disagree with their political cult is to be anti-science.

Arguing with Nyist Science-denialists

Following frauds like Nonsense Nye the Anti-science guy, leftist puppets hate science and, typically hold precisely zero thoughts in their head, as they drool out vapid paraphrases of what they remember from Nye’s climate sermons and similar anti-science lefist fanaticism into which they were indocrinated at school.

COVID is Just Today’s Hysteria for the Leftist Death-cult

The COVID scam and the climate-change scam are just different topics on the same political theme:

Feel smart.
Be stupid.

Just as proud, stupid, obedient, anti-science climate-fanatics believe political prostitutes like Bill Nye over climate-scientists like Richard Lindzen, so too fools of the COVID cult worship and obey celebrities and politicians who hate truth, hate reality, and—above all—hate science.

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