Saying the Names of Black Lives Matter’s White Victims

Recently, someone in a graduate-level class in Jurisprudence mentioned that “Black Lives Matter started between 2016 and 2020 due to police-shootings of unarmed African Americans, Hispanics and other races.”

Following is an excerpt of my reply to them, which serves as a short review of the history of the black lives matter scam, BLM terrorists—and their countless (literally uncounted) white victims.

I. Jacob Kudla and Jourdan Bobbish

Their names were Jacob Kudla and Jourdan Bobbish. At his 2015 sentencing for the torture and murder of two white teens, unarmed black man Fredrick Young said “in respect for the peaceful protest I want to say hands up, don’t shoot, black lives matter.”[1] The phrase “hands up, don’t shoot” and “black lives matter” were common chants among rioters during the 2014 riots in Ferguson that arose after the death of Mike Brown.[2]

II. Darren Wilson

His name is Darren Wilson. “Hands up, don’t shoot” originated from an interview with Mike Brown’s robbery accomplice,[3] Dorian Johnson—who lied about Brown’s deadly attack against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.[4] In 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice under Barack Obama and Eric Holder, reported that Officer Wilson reasonably feared for his life when Mike Brown was beating Officer Wilson and trying to take Officer Wilson’s gun.[5]

III. Stephanie Nieman

Her name was Stephanie Nieman. The 2014 execution of unarmed black man Clayton Lockett was “deeply troubling” to then-president Barack Obama,[6] and raised nationwide calls that black lives matter and concerns about “racism at the execution chamber”[7]—all because Lockett was unconstitutionally uncomfortable during his Oklahoma execution. Lockett was put to death for kidnapping—at gun-point—a man, two teen girls, and a toddler. He beat the man, raped one of the girls, then shot the other girl and buried her alive where she suffocated to death.[8] Her name was Stephanie Nieman.[9]

(Those who opposed Lockett’s execution also sought to prevent the unconstitutionally uncomfortable execution of unarmed black man Charles Warner, who was set to die for raping and murdering his girlfriend’s 11-month-old daughter.[10])

IV. Zemir Begic; Mark Slavin

His named was Zemir Begic. Miles from the 2014 Ferguson riots, during 2014 anti-white riots in St. Louis, local news reported how four black and hispanic teens beat Zemir Begic to death with hammers, in front of his pregnant wife.[11]

His name is Mark Slavin. This parallels the racially-motivated hammer-attacks by black men against Mark Slavin in Sanford, Florida[12]—an attack reported by local news that received not even a speck of the national media attention given to another attack in the same city: the 2012 savage beating of Jewish Peruvian George Zimmerman by unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin.[13]

V. Derek Chauvin; Diane and Roger Peterson; Landen Hoffman; Paul and Lidia Marino

His name is Derek Chauvin. Years after George Floyd held a gun to a pregnant Mexican woman’s stomach during a home-invasion robbery in Texas—he was in a golden casket. Days before his 2020 golden casket, George Floyd was high on drugs and panicked himself to death while resisting arrest for suspicion of robbery and forgery. Days after Floyd’s death, police released body-cam video of (a) Floyd acting like a panicked meth-addict while resisting arrest, and (b) an officer interviewing the Arab store owner and black employee whom Floyd had robbed and threatened.

His name is Landen Hoffman. Miles away, and a year earlier, unarmed black man Emmanuel Aranda threw Landen Hoffman, a 5-year-old white child, over the third-story railing at the Mall of America in Minnesota. Hoffman barely survived.

Their names were Roger and Diane Peterson. That same year, a few miles away, unarmed black man Jonna Kojo Armartey murdered elderly white couple Diane and Roger Peterson—saying he ran them over with his van because they “freaked him out.”

Their names were Paul and Lidia Marino. Elsewhere: this year an unarmed black lives matter protester/sniper Sheldon C. Francis murdered Paul and Lidia Marino—a white couple in their 80’s, who were visiting a Delaware cemetery.

VI. Conclusion

Citations to the last stories are herein omitted, because they are common knowledge—not in the sense that “everyone knows of them” (far from it) but rather that the stories are readily available to all, from various sources, with an easy internet search. And once interested parties verify those stories—they will be left to wonder why they never heard of the stories from those media sources who pretend such concern for the itching ears[14] of their audiences.

Still, those and countless other real stories of rampant black-on-white violence will continue to be drowned out by various nationwide scams and lies intended to incite satanic anti-white hatred among pride-dripping anti-white racists.[15]
Meanwhile, every day, statistically about 1,000 black murderers kill an unborn black life by a prenatal medical lynching at Prevented Parenthood.[16] During various anti-white black lives matter riots, Prevented Parenthood—the accomplice of millions of black (and white) murders—has famously stated “black lives matter.”[17]

In our nation of hundreds-of-millions, satanic liars in the media and beyond will continue to hide and trumpet whatever cherry-picked and misrepresented situations fit their political and satanic social-agendas of divide, conquer, and control. But do not be deceived: God is not mocked, and people reap what they sow.[18]


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