SNL, Irreverent as Always, Caricatures Kamala Harris as Likable

Recently, sassy bottom-feeders at Saturday Light Live reinacted 2020’s first presidential debate. In the typical style of leftist political-cannibals, SNL mocked both sides to pretend editorial freedom—while humanizing their political side and demonizing the other. As always, SNL needed signs to teach the “jokes” to the living-dead audience.
The key lesson from the skit is that Kamala Harris is cool, charismatic, and likable.

To teach this lesson, the sycophants at SNL decided against mentioning the time that Kamala Harris snuck her way into politics through former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown—exchanging her sexual favors for his political favors. Then, as California’s Attorney General, she was an absolute tyrant. Then she “joked” on the Breakfast Club about her hypocrisy regarding marijuana.

Yes: Kamala Harris is very cool, charismatic, and likable. Just ask leftists’ god: TV.

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