Yes, Multiling O Layouts Are Still Editable … manually in the app’s code (Omniease)

omni coding


Over the years, plenty people have asked me about my Omniease layout (picture above and talked about on this post: Omniease is a layout on the Multiling O app by an awesome app dev called Honso. As of now, as far as I know, many people are having trouble editing their Multiling O layout (Omniease or otherwise).

Problem: Multling O editing is now broken through the app!

The problem is either with the dev’s hosting of the editing site, or the fact that Google Plus it no longer a thing. In any case—you can still editing your Multiling O layout (Omniease or otherwise).

Steps to Edit your Multiling O layout (Omniease or otherwise) manually in the app’s code

(1) Open the Multiling O app;

(2) Touch Settings;

(3) Touch Misc.

(4) Touch “Import | Export”

(5) Touch Settings

(6) Touch Copy

You now have your entire layout copied.

(7) Paste into your favorite text-editor (I recommend Notepad ++)

(8) Edit the code* (more on that below)

(9) Paste the code in the Multiling O “Import | Export” screen

*Editing the Code

Editing your layout through the code is much harder than the old way. However, the old way does not work at all. So, as far as I know, editing through the code is the only way.

Even if you do not normally deal with code, editing the Multiling O app is understandable, if you take a little time to recognize the logic (rules) of the code.

Find/replace. You should be using find/replace whenever possible, to make sure your are uniformly editing all four layouts (or more).

All the layouts of your layout. Working with the Multiling O code, you will find that the layout is actually several layouts. For example, my Omniease layout is four layouts:

(1) Main layout for portrait mode;

(2) Main layout for landscape mode;

(3) Auto layout (autocapitalization) for portrait mode;

(4) Auto layout for landscape mode.

Note: If you have a separate layout for a shifted keyboard (Omniease does not)—then that’s another two layouts to edit, for a total of six!


Yes, it is inconvenient to have to work with the code. And yes, it is very inconvenient to have to edit four (or six) layouts. But remember how you ended up here: you thought your Multiling O layout (Omniease or otherwise) was permanently uneditable. Now, you know the great news: it is editable!

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