Black Lives Do NOT Matter to Effeminate Frauds Like Tyron Woodley, and Slavery Profiteers Like Lebron James

Recently at an interview, effeminate black fraud Tyron Woodley used his white-given privilege and fame to pretend he is the cool, calm, charismatic cartoon character that black liars like him are addicted to pretending.

For a few minutes, Woodley autistically muttered variations of the response “black lives matter,” regardless the question.

During the eleven minutes of the video, including that black fraud pretending that he believes black lives matter—statistically in the USA, about a dozen black women murdered a black life with a prenatal medical lynching at the Democrats’ Prevented Parenthood genocide chambers. Also, about the same amount of Chinese slaves committed suicide out in the slave nation of China—a nation that pays millions to pitiful black rats like Lebron to peddle slave-made shoes. Black lives do not matter to these “black lives matter” frauds.

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