George Floyd jrs Rampage Through Minneapolis and St. Paul: Black-crime-as-usual Continues, and Media Traitors Continue to Hide it

Recently, George Floyd died as he lived: crying like a bitch whenever he was caught victimizing others, and having traitors in the media hide and downplay the crimes of people who look like him—even when the victims look like him.

Today, anti-truth media in Minneapolis are hiding the race of five violent black teens who used weapons to carjack black victim Abdizirak Bihi, one of Minneapolis’s many victims of violent George Floyd jrs.

An article for KMSP reports five “teens,” more than zero of whom were “armed” i.e. assaulted their victims with deadly weapons during the robbery.

Zero description of the black teens.

Nowadays, precisely zero people wonder the race of undescribed criminals whom the victim saw: we know they are black.

Yet these journalist whores—whom nobody believes—are so addicted to making excuses for black criminals and focused on hiding black crime rather than helping the victims of black crime—that they pretend to believe that nobody notices their lies of omission.

#BlackCrimeMatters #GeoreFloydGoodRiddance

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