The Myth of Subversion’s Power

Recently, YouTube channel “Think before you sleep” (TBYS) presented a video entitled “Women go infertile trying to keep up with men.”

After a few minutes of TBYS pointing out that she-cops are hardly real cops, TBYS pivoted to talking about how she-cops are a symptom of the disease of ongoing communist cultural subversion against the USA. According to TBYS, the subversion is very powerful and requires that we all must work hard to lift up the losers whom subversives recruit—so that there will be no one poor and helpless enough to fall for the promises of the subversive movement.

Meanwhile, in the real world:

(1) Subversion that depends on attracting losers must fall: we have the alpha heroes like Kyle Rittenhouse; they have the dead, child-molesting Jews like Joseph Rosenbaum.

(2) If Communism were so dangerously effective, then it would be at least able to sustain itself after a victorious revolution. It never does—because it cannot, because it can only attract liars, frauds, hypocrites, and the naïve. And those demographics to whom subversion appeals are at least weak and unpredictable—and also cowardly and traitorous, which is why we see so much political-cannibalism on the left.

(3) Today’s subversion seems effective only because hardly anyone from the other side—the right—has shown up yet to the war. But every day, fewer and fewer people remain who have any faith in the left’s fantasies of moral superiority: rightists don’t believe that leftists are moral, because rightists are the ones targeted for destruction; and leftists definitely don’t believe that leftists are or even should be moral: they have baited each other into thinking they are winning the culture war—and so now they call for might makes right, thinking that they have the might. They don’t.

(4) The myth of leftist power is sold by leftists—but also sold by rightists plutocrats, especially rightist Zionists, whether Jewish or not.

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