Fred Heidmann—the Cop-hating, Arrested Mayor of Nisswa—Hates Him Some Viet Cong

HEADLINE: Sloppy drunk leftist Zionist mayor in Nisswa, MN, antagonizes cops, says they are “as bad as the fucking dinks [cops] down in Minneapolis.” Gets arrested.

Fun fact: “Dink” is like “chink” for Vietnamese people. And this guy, Mayor Fred Heidmann, is from the Vietnam war era. So he knows exactly what the word “dink” means. So after all these decades—Fred Heidmann still randomly calls people the Vietnamese n-word when he’s mad.

In related news, Heidmann believes the George Floyd fraud and blames the cops for the drug-overdose of violent criminal George Floyd—pretending that the cops detaining Floyd was “inexcusable.”

Heidmann made the effeminate pro-Floyd concession to anti-truth mobs calling for economic violence against Kara Hall, a former teacher in Baxter, MN, who lost her job for pointing out that black people around the nation are raiding, robbing, and ruining businesses to “protest” the death of some violent degenerate named George Floyd—who is nigger-tough when he and a group of black men barge into a nigger bitch’s home and hold a gun to her pregnant stomach. Yet George Floyd also cried like a nigger bitch during at least two arrests in Minnesota—once in 2019, and again in 2020.

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