Tamarris Bohannon vs The Leftist Cult

Tamarris Bohannon: just another example of how black lives DO NOT MATTER to the leftist death-cult.
Tamarris L. Bohannon died as he lived: a St. Louis cop. Answering the call of someone in distress, Officer Bohannon did what countless cops do every day: ran towards the danger, to save the day.

Officer Bohannon did not get to choose the color of the victims.

Officer Bohannon did not get to choose the color of the perpetrator.

Cops never do.

After a hostage situation there was a standoff.

During the standoff, cops begged—as they always do—for the criminal to surrender peacefully.

The criminal refused.

Instead, he murdered Officer Bohannon.

Officer Bohannon was black.

His murderer is white.

The New York Times pointed that out—barely. Just as a factual matter. Just to pretend an interest. But nothing enough to endanger the anti-cop hysteria that the death-worthy traitors of the Zionist-controlled media have incited against police.

Two days ago Officer Tamarris L. Bohannon was shot.

Yesterday he died.

Today, like both those days, about 1,000 black lives will be ended by murderous black moms—through prenatal medical lynchings, in the Prevented Parenthood execution chambers of white-daddy government: the leftist death-cult.

The left loves dead black people.




But it is interesting to see these hoards of leftist whores create fantasies about hero Kyle Rittenhouse as being a “racist” and a “white supremacist”—for defending himself against attacks by a child-molesting Jew, and a domestic-abuser white.

Meanwhile, for those hoards of whores, the matter of Tamarris L. Bohannon’s black life is an indelicate balance of political interests:

“Sure he was black—so we can play up that angle!”

“It was white-on-black murder—so we can DEFINITELY put a microscope on that needle in the haystack of black-on-white violence.”

“But…Bohannon was a cop—so if we feature his death too strongly, it could cause people to pity police, even appreciate their routine heroism.”

“Nah…it’s not worth the trouble: better just to give a thin mention of Bohannon. Then get back to what really matters: lying about everything, all the time, everywhere—to create and congratulate as much death and destruction as possible, so that more and more people obey—through fear and anger.”

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