Famous Black Political-Pornstar Chadwick Boseman Curls up and Dies

WAKANDA FOREVER!…or at least until Wakanda’s leader dies of ass-cancer.

This week, effeminate black goof Chadwick Boseman died as he lived: the hottest political-pornstar of the moment for anti-white racist black goofs.

Boseman portrayed “Toby, the uppity nigger” in the smash hit “Black Panther,” produced by the nigger-hating pseudo-Jews at The Walt Disney Company, through Marvel Studios—one of Disney’s many front organizations.

Black Panther quickly joined the NBA, white guilt, and democrat talking-points as a key way that millions of miserable, malnourished black failures in the USA mentally masturbate to the silly fantasy of black supremacy.

…now imagine if we ever decided to make our national pastime swimming…or standardized tests…or being morally consistent…or politically strategizing better than an absolute retard.

Chadwick Boseman was 43. Now, in death, Boseman joins timeless black queen Whitney Houston—who died in her 40’s as a crackhead.

It’s almost as if self-worshiping political masturbation is not enough…

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