Two story-telling methods: Christians vs AIDS-infected Leftist Pseudo-Jews (the Little Mermaid, by Hans Christian Andersen, or by Howard Ashman)

Disney’s The Little Mermaid was made by—and the main character’s name made up by—Howard Ashman, who was a leftist Jew…until he died of AIDS at the age of 40.

The original story Little Mermaid was written by a Danish Christian named Hans Christian Andersen. In Andersen’s version, the story comes to a close as “the little mermaid lifted her clear bright eyes toward God’s sun, and for the first time her eyes were wet with tears.”

And then the Little Mermaid floated around for centuries—earning her soul by proving herself to the God of Christianity, and shortening her time of service by encountering children who obey their parents:

Unseen, we fly into the homes of men, where there are children, and for every day on which we find a good child who pleases his parents and deserves their love, God shortens our days of trial.

Imagine that: a leftist, atheist, AIDS-infected pseudo-Jew took a Christian’s story about obeying parents and earning God’s rewards—and turned it into a story about being rewarded for disobeying parents.

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