The Supremacy of Equality: Kill Hate-speech, to Heal the Mental Diseases of Anxiety and Bigotry that Disparately Impact Leftist Freedom-fighters

The policy-cry of the problematically unenlightened is “equality-of-opportunity!” This sexually harrasses the potential of success-non-conforming folks by focusing only on barriers to entry. But truely good people know that justice will only arrive in human society when we commit to tearing down all unnatural inequality. And all inequality is unnatural.

We must rebirth humynkind with the same kindly equality-of-outcome that we see everywhere and always in the world—except among the modern societies that are run repressively by cisgender, heteronormative patriarchs, who hatefully refuse to obey the proper worldview—our worldview: the supremacy of equality.

When we look out at the world, the first and only word that should come to mind is “equality.” Everything is the same: turtles and cheetas have equal access to speed, just as gerbils and giraffes have equal access to the branches of trees. Up is down, hot is cold, ears are knees. Everywhere, all we see is equality.

Diversity and inclusion will be our vehicle to equality. “Fake it to make it” is the only real way to achieve anything. So by threatening and forcing bad people to hide their bad thoughts and obey our good ideas—by politically euthanizing bad, overrepresented people with diversity-and-inclusion progress: in just twelve years, everything will be perfect, and we will save the world.

But why are our societies so unequal in the first place? Why do our institutions fail to politely and charismatically mimic the naturally equal world around us? Gender for example: Men, women, and the hundreds of other genders are all equal—indeed identical—besides a few increasingly vestigial anatomical structures. So why do only men get male privilege? Why do only women get pregnant? And why doesn’t transwoman mixed martial artist Fallon Fox break all genders’ eye-sockets equally?

The problem is Donald Trump: he said women let famous billionaire men touch them. That is hate-speech. The problem is hate-speech. If we cut hate-speech’s throat, and then let a sexy, naked, pro-choice trans-child sit on hate-speech’s face while hate-speech dies—then hate-speech will be gone. And all that will be left is love-speech. The only way to save the world is by killing hate-speech, and then receiving affirmative consent to mutilate love-speech’s genitals at Jeffrey Epstein’s island in Fallujah, while Barack Hussein Obama warms our hearts with words we forget the next moment.

Until we kill hate-speech, the mental diseases of anxiety and bigotry will continue to disparately impact leftist freedom-fighters, in their noble fight against freedom.

This message is dedicated to the plight of Greta Thunberg and all leftist heroes like her—who will live a long and boring life of masking their cowardice and misanthropy with myths like “autism” and “OCD” and “mental disease” generally… unless they are mistaken to be fetuses—and thus ritualistically murdered by their death-worshiping political-teammates.

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