Hollywood’s Murderous, Dying Sodomites Cheer on the Living-death of Hysterical Pro-murder Liar Rose McGowan

“She who lives for self-indulgence is dead even as she lives.” First Timothy 5:6.

Slimy Rose McGowan, a political prop for Hollywood patriarchs’ melodramatic agitprop, has slithered back into the limelight of self-worship and fraud. The hysterical heroine has accused director Alexander Payne of joining her on the wrong side of an arbitrary age-line in the early 1990’s: the withered Weinsten-slayer alleges that she had consensual sex at 15-years-old, when Payne was not 15-years-old.

McGowan—a pro-sodomy, pro-child-murder satanist—alleges that her consensual sex with Payne occurred in California, a jurisdiction which holds that, as a 15-year-old, McGowan would have been mature enough to murder a child in a prenatal medical-lynching, but McGowan would not have been mature enough to choose sex—unless Payne had also been 15-years-old, or 15-year-old McGowan had her father’s permission to choose sex, or she had permission for sex from a patriarch in a California court, or was emancipated, or was pregnant, or had given birth. Long story short: A pretense of morality, among the manifestly immoral, is massively technical and legalistic—i.e., entirely dependent on the moods of the dueling patriarchs involved.

In California, a 15-year-old woman needs her parents’ permission to have sex. But that same 15-year-old woman, as a pregnant mother, can murder her child without the knowledge or permission of the woman’s parents.

So festering pro-murder McGowan will continue her living death: proudly parroting advocacy for sodomy and infanticide, while helping Hollywood’s sodomites and child-murderers to tangle the heterosexuals whom they hate into endless webs of legalese technicalities—to blare false-alarms, waste time, and distract from the endless wars of their Zionist overlords. Murderous, dying sodomites like Rose McGowan call this “empowerment.”

“They did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind.” Romans 1:28.

In related news: Fat scapegoat Harvey Weinstein allegedly asked Gwyneth Paltrow for a massage, then allegedly yelled at her. So handsome Brad Pitt heroically threatened to murder Weinstein. Similarly, several other brave Hollywood prostitutes have accused Weinstein of being too unattractive to be allowed to beg them for sex. Astrology experts have divined that all this neo-rape has arisen because of the violent words of Donald Trump—the wild maniac who misogynistically claimed that Hollywood’s boring, mediocre prostitutes let famous billionaires touch them.

—Russ Lindquist

One thought on “Hollywood’s Murderous, Dying Sodomites Cheer on the Living-death of Hysterical Pro-murder Liar Rose McGowan

  1. Ahhhh. So in California, parents can pimp out their daughters who then are empowered to use a healthcare option to continue working those streets. Got it.

    That’s like, super progressive.


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