“They get an F”: Normal (Non-homo, Non-cripple, White) Man Grades the California Bar’s ‘Report Card on the Diversity of California’s Legal Profession’

Report Card on the Diversity of California’s Legal Profession (Laughable Racist Sexist Orwellian Shit-show)

Refreshingly Anti-white, yet falling short of true diversity: No tall Mexican men? No pretty black women? No non-binary cripples? No pedophile-Americans? No Muslim men? No non-Muslim Arabs? No discrete homos? No dykes? No transgender Filipinxs? No manly black men? No Sikh women? No bionic Eskimos? No conjoined twins where one is dead and so the other has to carry around the carcass!? WHO THE HELL is running this completely undiverse shit-show!?

In 2019, five non-men at the California State Bar’s Office of Access and Inclusion (aka “CalBar’s Racist, Sexist Orwellian Shit-show”) presented its First Annual Report Card on the Diversity of California’s Legal Profession (aka “an Orwellian Shit-show of Laughable, Racist, Sexist Political-Pornography”). The report is highly problematical—due to its complete lack of diversity and inclusion.

cotton-crammed five

The Cotton-crammed Five: Dickless she-experts on diversity and inclusion pose for a photo outside of MNCWAHMN—the National Mexicants and Ching-chong Womxn’s Alliance for the Hatred of Men and Normalcy (from left to right: Carolina Almarante; Lisa Chavez; Christine Holmes; Elizabeth Hom; Hellen Hong)

One would think that the five cotton-crammed non-men who wrote the Orwellian Shit-show of Laughable, Racist, Sexist Political-Pornography would be more sensitive and nurturing: since they are physically weak and dependent on getting pity and privilege from men, the least that the ladies could do is smile more, and practice the diversity that they preach—or at least call themselves out on their own lack of diversity. But two of the non-men are somen kind of Mexicant, two are some kind of Ching-chong (LYFMs), and one is a token—so its adorable enough that the five bossy bumblers even managed to string together their 49-page politicized romance novel.

CalBar’s Racist, Sexist Orwellian Shit-show’s Lack of Diversity

This article identifies as non-binary and identifies three key failures in diversity committed by the California Bar’s Report Card on diversity. Alongside each of the failures in diversity is a call to action—stating how CalBar’s privileged, problematic, colored she-authors can morally improve themselves.

Problem 1: Only cotton-crammed she-lawyers. As mentioned, 100% of the authors for the Orwellian Shit-show of Laughable, Racist, Sexist Political-Pornography were incompetent, hysterical she-lawyers. But competent, non-hysterical real lawyers make up more than 0% of California’s lawyers. Thus, the Orwellian Shit-show’s Political Pornography was authored by a group that severely lacks diversity.

Call to action 1: bring on more real (non-woman) lawyers into CalBar’s Racist, Sexist Orwellian Shit-show, to counter-balance the mind-numbing estrogen of the five incompetent, hysterical she-lawyers.

Mari Ruben

Lovely at any fugly: Purple-haired-hag-American Marci Ruben diversely and inclusively condemns the California State Bar for failing to feature members of the proud, thriving purple-haired-hag-American community

Problem 2: No purple-haired hags. For decades, frantic purple-haired hags like Marci Ruben have fought to increase access and inclusion for purple-haired-hag-Americans like xerself. Yet the bossy, cotton-crammed bumblers wrote the 49-page Orwellian Shit-show Laughable Political Pornography without a single mention of purple-haired-hag-Americans!

Call to action 2: CalBar must include more purple-haired-hag-Americans in its literature for future Racist, Sexist Orwellian Shit-shows.

Problem 3: Stereotypes and lack of diversity in the Report Card’s cover photo. It is certainly refreshing that CalBar’s Racist, Sexist, Orwellian Shit-show excluded normals—white men and white women—from its cover photo of diversity. Still, it is not enough to exclude normals from a racist, sexist Orwellian Shit-show, and the Report Card for diversity fails to reflect the diversity of the various coloreds and non-men featured for the racist, sexist Orwellian shit-show. Specifically:

(a) not all black men are balding, effeminate goofs;

(b) not all black women are unattractive;

(c) not all Mexican men are short or homo or cripple;

(d) not all Mexican women are man-faced;

(e) not all Arabs are women;

(f) not all Arab women are Muslim;

(g) not all Indians are Sikh;

(h) not all Sikh are men;

(i) not all Asian lawyers are women;

(j) not all female Asian lawyers are stunningly unattractive;

(k) not all sodomites are effeminate;

(l) not all cripples are men;

(m) not are crippled men are non-Eskimo.

Call to action 3: flip ALL the tables.

eskimos of color

“So I don’t exist?” Members of the Wingless Transgender Eskimo Bar Association (WTEBA) call out the cotton-crammed five on the lack of diversity in their Orwellian Shit-show of Laughable Political Pornography


The State Bar of California rightly demands that some colors and genitals are more equal than others. Still, CalBar’s own lack of diversity starts at the top: of CalBar’s 2019 Report Card on Diversity, Donna S. Hershkowitz said, “The State Bar has committed to concrete objectives to help the profession move toward greater diversity and inclusion, and developing this annual Report Card is among them.” Hershkowitz is Interim Executive Director of the State Bar. Studies indicate that fully 100% of the State Bar’s interim Directors are stunningly unattractive Jewish women—even though more than 0% of California’s population are people who identify as other than stunningly unattractive Jewish women.

Oh, and spoiler-alert: every inch of the Report’s actual analysis is as myopic, petty, sexist, racist, hypocritical, and hysterical as one should expect from five primped, privileged, cotton-crammed, penis-envying, man-hating, color-obsessed losers. Check it out.

And for more on the importance of crippling USA’s legal systems with an influx of laughably unqualified women, coloreds, cripples, and illegals—check out one of CalBar’s many satellite shit-shows, including California ChangeLawyers, who call on hysterical weirdos everywhere to “reimagine what a leader looks like“—because, to losers like ChangeLawyers and the various cowardly and fraudulent coloreds at the State Bar of California: nothing is more important than what someone looks like.

—Russ Lindquist
• Certified BWWSP (Black Woman with White Skin and a Penis)
• Executive Director for the Coordination of LRCST (La Raza Child-Sex-Trafficking)
• LGBTQAI+ Community Chief Ambassador for Pedophile-rights
• Lieutenant Coprophile for AMSAC (the Advancement of a Mohammad-Style Age-of-Consent)
• Ardent proponent of every Zionist scam to divide, conquer, and control the USA

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