USA’s Compulsory Schooling as Mental and Moral Castration

In the USA, when discussing the worst social problems, satanists routinely group together “rape, murder, teen pregnancy.” Today, California and elsewhere extends, to young women, the political privilege of deciding to murder an unborn child for convenience—at a younger age than the state allows her to decide to have sex.

USA’s compulsory schooling, in its current form, is manifestly castration—mental and moral: it is manifestly not chiefly about education, but rather about indoctrination and distraction—about infantilizing, dismantling, and commodifying the next generation of human beings.

See grown men being labeled “boys,” then forced into sedentary docility, and then daily barked at and measured and mauled by incompetent, limp liars—many of whom only teach because they cannot do.

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Likewise, it is no measure of merit nor potential to waste years of life getting a piece of paper that says only that you sat still and obediently wasted time.

Our sick and dying society can decry—and economically terrorize—black men who wisely “drop out” of high school. We can doom them unto self-fulfilling social prophesies, until the last soulless, suicidal valedictorian Asian builds an AI robot to strangle himself with the entrails of the last gutless, award-winning, mom-hating Jew. But that would prove nothing of the real world. It would only show what we already know: that God is willing to give over fools and cowards to their self-destruction, as they reap what they sow.

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