Poisoned Carrots and Cotton Sticks: USA’s Cyclical Collapses From Immoral Immigration Law

Poverty never causes crime. Yet crime always causes poverty. To reward lawlessness is to implode law completely, in that instance—or at least to render those compliant to law as at least naïve, if not foolhardy.

How socioeconomically stupid for a father to teach his family to wait in any US immigration line—to follow laws that are manifestly unenforced—when the left face of USA’s lawless uniparty celebrates criminal immigration, as by the 2016 heroifying of a politically diabetic Mexican criminal named Francisca Ortiz, whom the Democrat Plantation wildly applauded for her choice to break laws. Watch—in the exact same political moment—the exact same lawless applauders: strategically appalled at the “racial disparities” that are predictably produced by strategically flooding a nation with unprepared, immoral, vain, vapid peons of color.

For a government to abet and award criminal immigration is for the government to indicate that lawful immigration is—as a matter of math—an utter waste of an honest immigrant’s time and effort; and for a government to selectively provide such abettance and award is for the government to lure desperate human beings into a political trap—then to arbitrarily sort the desperate, trapped human beings into two expedient, immoral categories: (1) criminal (2) slave.

See one face of USA’s lawless government, on a whim, grant exceptions to immigration crimes for countless desperate, underprepared slaves. See the same government, on another whim, penalize and cage the same caliber of criminal immigrant. See USA’s lawless government leverage the excepted immigrant slaves to implode wages, skyrocket desperation, extol economic dependency, and ingrain political timidity. See the same governmental gang leverage the immigrant criminals to glut a prison-industrial-complex with tax-built cages and cage-keepers.

See these social-cannibals frantically addict each other to endless political distractions. Watch their towers of babbling collapse continually, as the corrupt, the complicit, and the cowardly all repeatedly reap what they sow.

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