Today’s Entanglements, Foreign and Domestic (Slavery by Google and China as Symptoms of Self-destructive “Something for Nothing” Greed)

Widespread belief in something for nothing is a satanic myth that can lead only to what we have now: massive misery, terrorism, and slavery.

Currently, Google easily crushes virtually all its competition, via a preferential treatment by government: Google’s designation as what could be called “most favored corporation” status. This arose by political governors corruptly picking corporate winners, yet also by legions of USA’s wannabe bourgeoisie clinging to “free tech” to keep up with the Joneses. Thus, in cheap suits and cheaper shoes, rushed and glutted addicts of caffeine and nicotine extended their addiction to screens. And now the true price of that “free tech” soma has been set free: ubiquitous surveillance and insatiable censorship. Now, the most that the hosts will be is a cautionary tale.

Currently, the mass-murdering slave-nation of China owns and directs much of the wealth of the mass-murdering slave-nation of the USA—indeed much of the wealth of the world. This fleeting economic bubble has arisen via decades of the USA—and others—propping up and pimping out China’s mass-murderers and slave-masters. Now, too little too late, the USA and others seek to escape from entanglement with China. Warning against “foreign entanglement” was a key part of the 18th century farewell-address of USA’s first president, who advised an “equal and impartial hand” towards other nations—”neither seeking nor granting exclusive favors or preferences.” Yet, in this, the USA has failed—by no less than the economic expedience of having designated China as a “Most Favored Nation” partner in trade for decades, while at that same time the two nations collectively have variously facilitated and forced the mass-murder of hundreds of millions of prenatal medical-lynchings from among their slave-populations.

China, the USA, Google and the rest may last long enough to actually implode. Regardless, the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God, who catches the wise in their craftiness*—and gives them over to their impure desires,** so that they may reap what they sow.***

* 1 Corinthians 3:19
** Romans 1:24
*** Galatians 6:7

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