2020: Lauren “Mudshark” McCluskey Finally Gets Justice!

Heroic Mudshark Lauren McCluskey jumping onto a nigger dick at her local bar

Lauren McCluskey was an hero. She was a strong, independent, beautiful, smart, confident white-trash mudshark bar-whore, who started fucking Melvin Rowland, the hyper-aggressive nigger who was the bouncer at the white-trash hero’s local bar.

And that nigger had a duty to accurately and honestly present himself to the degenerate bar-whore. But he LIED to her! He didn’t even tell her that he had become a registered sex-offender after police had previously entrapped him with the non-crime of accepting the sexual advances of a non-existent victim whom the police had invented and characterized as an underage person.

Every bar-whore deserves a prince—and a real man is completely candid with the bar-whores that casually sit on his dick without knowing him.

After Lauren McCluskey sat on Melvin Rowland’s nigger dick a few times, she was over it. But Melvin Rowland had a deep, dark secret: he had “possessive man disorder,” which caused him to feel entitled to heroic white-trash bar-whores who casually sit on his dick.

One dark day, at midnight, Melvin texted Lauren with his customary, “sup bitch? wanna fuck?” Lauren texted back “meh”—a clear rejection in modern feminist-talk, according to feminists’ patriarch overlords. A few hours later, Lauren came to the bar where Melvin worked, and begged the nigger to fuck her in the dumpster behind the bar. He did—which was rape according to feminist social-math because of her prior “meh,” which a she-judge later ruled was Lauren’s attempt to pre-avoid the sexual encounter that she begged for but didn’t really want.

Feeling depressed about being raped, Lauren decided to casually murder a child with a prenatal medical-lynching, which always made her feel more empowered. So she went to an elementary school, and got impregnated by gang-banging with a dozen lucky ten-year-old nigger boys. Lauren waited a few months for the child to grow inside her—then she Chelsea Handler’d the half-human mulatto.

According to reports from those who enable the  Lauren McCluskeys of the world, Man-face McClusky was a fault-less victim with a big heart who sat on nigger-dicks to do her part in combating the KKK’s white-supremacist microaggressions. McCluskey’s failure parents could not be prouder of their child’s legacy.

“We were so proud that our dead daughter was a heroically open-minded nigger-fucking barwhore,” said the hero’s parents at a celebration of Melvin’s and Lauren’s life and time together, held at the bar where the diverse and inclusive couple met.

Speaking to an audience of their dead daughter’s atrophied white leftist she-athlete friends and the friends’ scowling nigger social-mascots, the parents proudly declared: “Although athletic, charismatic nigger Melvin Rowland ended up protesting our daughter Lauren McCluskey to death—with seven shots at close range, as she begged for her life—we know that Melvin Rowland was a gentle giant, and was getting his life together. So in regards to the peaceful protests, we want to say ‘hands up, don’t shoot! Black lives matter’!”

Now, two years later in 2020, justice has finally arrived for Lauren McClusky: a perverted cop, Officer Miguel Deras, lost his job because he looked at pictures of dead bar-whore McClusky. Also, other nigger-fucking bar-whores at McClusky’s former school are protesting that the cop had looked at pictures from the routine nigger-on-white rape and murder.

Prologue: really, I just today happened across news about the black-on-white rape and murder of Lauren McClusky—which of course is buried beneath countless Zionist stories about violent black victims being racistly avoided and defended against by the whites on whom they prey. And as always, more than few who read the above satire will be thinking, the whole time: “ok, ok—a violent nigger raped and murdered a white woman…but did you really have to use the n-word?”

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