RE Officer Arrests Officer at Crime Scene, Feb. 4, 2020 (audit of “audit the audit”)

On Aug. 10, 2020, YouTube channel “audit the audit” uploaded a bad analysis of an arrest in Chicago on Feb. 4, 2020. Following is an analysis of that analysis.


(1) The officers have the authority, in the first place, to arrest the she-supervisor for obstruction;

(2) instead of anything approximating respect for SOP, the she-supervisor acts like a victim after knowingly and willfully obstructing;

(3) the officers, still within their right to arrest, do arrest the out-of-control, obstructing liar.

She-officer Liar Lies to Sargent

Out-of-control liar: “He grabbed me.”

Sargent: “Why?”

Out-of-control liar: “I have no idea.”

Sargent: “Were you in the crime scene or something?”

Out-of-control liar: “I’m walking, talking, and they was telling me to assess the situation.”

Sargent: “maybe you were in the crime scene.”

Out-of-control liar: “I’m standing right there. I’m not by the blood, and I’m walking and talking.”

Then we watch 10 minutes of the auditor pretending that the situation is complicated or even complex—because the out-of-control bipolar liar is a black woman.

Auditor Starts Lying

The auditor randomly claims the arrest is “clearly retaliation.” Meanwhile, in the real world, the she-officer obstructed, then lied about it, then libeled the officer to another officer. This is ongoing obstruction. Moreover, the second officer (to whom the she-officer complained) before ever talking to the accused officer, said that if the she-officer was falsely claiming random assault and battery from the first officer, and the first officer had simply moved the she-officer out of the crime scene—then, then the second officer would arrest the she-officer for obstruction: “if he tells me that you were obstructing the crime scene, then we are going to arrest you.”

Auditor’s Racist Rush to Advocacy

Plenty people, like this auditor, have become consumed with the racism of low-expections, so they set aside objectivity—and frantically rush into advocacy—the instant that a black liar pretends to be a victim. Meanwhile, that rush is exactly why weird, out-of-control, yelling black people—like this women—think that they can do whatever they want, and then just deescalate their accountability by escalating their mood, tone, and accusations.

Some Matters of Law and Fact

Matter of law: it is not an “unmarked crime scene” when a cop is telling you “this is a crime scene.” For literally “all intents and purposes,” that notification marks the scene for the person thus notified. Moreover, it is a matter of law that an officer telling you “this is a crime scene” carries more legal weight than any tape.

Matter of law: there is no “first amendment right” to trespass on a crime scene, nor to falsely allege battery as retaliation for one’s mood about being moved from a crime scene after refusal to leave. Just as “anyone can file a formal complaint against cops,” so too anyone can file a “federal lawsuit.” The auditor melodramatically emphasizing the words “formal” and “federal” when describing the she-officer’s escalation of her lies: the melodrama does not change the fact that her formalized lies are entirely without merit. Moreover, the she-officer’s formalized lies (the complaint and the lawsuit) simply provide helpful evidence for her victim to file a counterclaim for a defamation tort—and to collect a legal remedy from both the she-officer and from her employer (under respondeat superior, since the defamation arose while she was at work—and being vouched for by her supervisor).

Matter of law: a she-officer standing around falsely accusing a cop of battery is not the she-officer “being detained for seven minutes.”

Matter of law: an incident-report of an out-of-control liar obstructing a crime scene does not need to include the liar’s threats of retaliatory complaints.

Matters of fact: COPA receives all complaints, even from liars like the she-officer; prior to an investigation, COPA preliminarily accepts as true the facts alleged by a complainant; by preliminarily accepting the she-officer’s lies about battery, the COPA made its mentioned recommendation.

Matter of law: if the officer were suspended, per COPA’s recommendation, and then the complaint were found to be frivolous (as it will be), then the officer would easily collect from the out-of-control liar—and possibly from COPA: money damages as legal remedy for (a) lost wages, (b) defamation, and (c) intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Matter of fact: if this out-of-control she-officer liar pursues her lawsuit, she will certainly lose, and she will likely be fired after a successful countersuit—and then she would likely spend the rest of her life lying about the situation, to get pity and to avoid responsibility.

Matter of fact: the auditor of this video, and those watching it, know that the she-officer is a liar, and that her complaints were frivolous and retaliatory.

The Auditor gets an F:

(1) The Auditor correctly states that the officer “did nothing wrong” by removing the out-of-control, obstructing liar from the crime scene, yet then the Auditor baselessly pretends that the out-of-control, yelling, obstructing liar was “principally” arrested for “attempting to file a complaint.”

(2) The auditor groundlessly pretends that the officer “did not appropriately document the encounter”—alluding, again, to the baseless claim that an officer has a duty to report an out-of-control liar’s threats to file false complaints. But an officer has no such duty. If an officer had such a duty, then obviously the auditor would cite the origin of that duty.

(3) The auditor laughably asserts that the officers “made no attempt to deescalate the situation” with the out-of-control, yelling, lying she-officer. (But see e.g. 6:30 to 7:00.) This lie by the auditor is a testament to the power of pitiful white-guilt and the pretended reparations of the racism-of-low-expectations, where fools and frauds make endlessly excuses for the bad behavior of black people.

This she-officer, her she-supervisor, COPA, and the rest of her Chicagoan enablers get an F:

It’s all on video. (Thus, it is simply extra awkward that the auditor chooses to deny the evidence of his own eyes.) It is exceedingly telling that the black narcissist continues to frantically pretend that this situation is anything more than an out-of-control black liar acting careless, then aggressively, then dishonestly, then aggressively again. Out-of-control black narcissists like this woman—and their excusers like this auditor—are EXACTLY why Chicago is such a crime-ridden shithole.

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