“Hands Up, Don’t Foul”: Lebron James as the NBA’s George Floyd, in an Era of Effeminate Black Fraud (EBF), Slavery,and Mass-murder

“Hands up! Don’t Foul!” Effeminate Black Fraud Lebron James, begging white rule-makers for undeserved pity by lying about someone who is playing by the rules

Last week, someone snuck the truth into the sunlight, to disinfect the most recent chapter of rampant black-on-white lies, violence, and political terrorism. So the police bodycam footage of the George Floyd arrest is now available to the public. And yet again: millions are shown to be liars and frauds.

George Floyd died as he lived: a lying, whimpering, violent drug-addict. Floyd robbed a store with counterfeit money. The employees confronted the violent nigger criminal. The drugged-up criminal tried to punk his robbery-victims (who were also niggers). They called the cops. And then violent victim George Floyd panicked himself to death.

Good riddance.

Floyd’s entire life, and his political memory, is a total fraud. Now, Lebron James lives on—as the George Floyd of the NBA.

Fitting that the effeminate black frauds of the NBA demanded to put up silly, stupid “black lives matter” signs on NBA courts, as a tribute to violent black victim George Floyd. After all: the NBA’s millionaire niggers directly contribute to, and benefit from, worldwide slavery and murder. So of course the NBA’s weak, shameless, bourgeois black rats need all the distractions possible to hide the fact that, in an era of massive potential, they choose to be the mule, ogres, and ambassadors of modern slavery.

As of today, Lebron James’s white corporate daddies have given the soulless black rat about a half-billion dollars: for bouncing balls, and for helping to sell soda and slave-made shoes.

Meanwhile, anyone who even glances at James’s play will quickly learn that James is infamous for breaking rules—especially for “flopping,” where the large, lying nigger pretends to be fouled, in order to trick white referees into wrongly penalizing other black players.

“Poverty causes crime!” is a myth that persists among suicidal social-cannibals. But the truth is that crime causes poverty. Violent pretended victims like George Floyd will never survive: they will always eventually die at the hands of those whom they routinely victimize.

Nowadays, political lies live much longer than usual, due to the controlled media of pitiful, perverted, miserable, mom-hating Zionist slugs. Nevertheless, to say the least: no one will ever convince Derek Fisher that Lebron James is anything other than an Effeminate Black Fraud.

Also, George Floyd will always be remembered as a violent piece of shit, by all of his victims—especially the nigger women whom he robbed and pistol-whipped. “Black Lives Matter” is a fraud movement, created by man-hating nigger lesbians to profit off the Zionist media incitement about violent degenerate Mike Brown of Ferguson, Missouri.

And all the while: wild niggers have been trained to react blindly and savagely—and predictably—to a certain “n-word,” even as millions of niggers (especially nigger bitches) team up with white-daddy government’s Prevented Parenthood, to mass-murder millions of George Floyds and Lebrons in the womb.

And millions quietly accept the mass-murder of black lives—in the USA and beyond. Because as much as leftist frauds all love scoring political points by mimicking stupid black slogans, and mocking endless white victims; still, they are trained to hate and fear niggers—and thus to feel that the mass-murder of niggers is a matter of public safety.

This year, 2020, hundreds of millions will die worldwide because of the COVID scam by Chinese and Zionist mass-murderers. And countless rats and snakes will sneak around tossing out endless myths about George Floyd and other violent, degenerate niggers—all while trying to make a buck off mountains of nigger carcasses from prenatal medical-lynchings by nigger bitches and their white-daddy government.

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