Amanda Coffman: Kansas Teacher Fails to Make Up For Her Unattractiveness with Honesty

In a message to her social media followers, hysterical hag Amanda Coffman declared that her time as a teacher was “like a bad marriage”: that she “never got her needs met but stayed in it for the kids.”

Meanwhile, teaching is like a bad relationship: whenever it involves a bad or incompetent woman–the woman frantically blames everyone but herself, drags kids into the middle of her contract negotiations, and then cries on camera in front of the school board to seem like a victim. Amanda Coffman is a terrible teacher, and a hysterical person–and the school district is better off with her gone.

In related news: some melted mom and her pudgy blue-haired daughter agreed with boring narcissist Amanda Coffman. So problem solved.

For those not keeping track: a key reason that teaching is poor in the USA is because 90% of primary school kids are taught by women, something like 90% of those women are hysterical narcissists like Amanda Coffman, the huge and powerful teacher unions shield incompetent and terrible teachers–and US laws routinely prevent and impair parents’ ability to avoid incompetent and terrible teachers.

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