Gross Old Child-rape-enabler Brooke Shields Has Not Aged a Day! (And BREAKING NEWS: (((Jeffrey Epstein))) was never the problem)


Brooke Shields, lifelong sex-pet of Hollywood child-rapists: at 10-years-old, she was rented by her whore mom to Playboy; at 11-years-old, she was rented by her whore mom to Hollywood, to play the role of a child-prostitute; at 14-years-old, she fake-fucked for Hollywood’s film “Blue Lagoon”; at 18-years-old, she upgraded to smoking weed with niggers; at 55, she is just enjoying life as a fun, sassy proponent of pedophilia for the satanic Zionists in Hollywood.

Sexy, hideous hag Brooke Shields recently appeared in a swimsuit , as part of a barrage of irrelevant news that Zionist murderers and child-rapists are passing around to distract from the worldwide CONVID scam.

Studies indicate that 55-year-old Brooke is hot for an old, ugly lady. But further research indicates that that she was WAY hotter at 10-years-old: back when here mom, (((Teri Shields))), rented 10-year-old Brooke to Playboy, which published sexy naked pictures of Brooke nationwide in 1976—the same year that Candidate and eventual president (((Jimmy Carter))) gave an interview to (((Hugh Hefner’s))) pedophile publication. Then, in 1978, Brooke’s whore mother rented Brooke to (((Hollywood)))—for the film Pretty Baby, where Brooke played a child prostitute.

But magically (((Jeffery Epstein))) was the problem.

Child-molesting rapist (((Woody Allen))) is alive and well—and still free and famous.

(((Hollywood))) hero and convicted child-rapist (((Roman Polanski))) is 86, and has been living happily and famously in France for decades, after fleeing the USA to avoid punishment for raping a kid (real rape—not this “date-rape” nonsense, or “statutory-rape” nonsense, or “#MeToo, believe lying women” nonsense: actual rape).

And of course 10-year-old Brooke Shields’s favorite pedophile—(((Hugh Hefner)))—who thrust inside many more than zero 10-year-olds: Hefner lived happily, famously, and freely for nine decades.

Any yet magically, (((Jeffery Epstein))) was the problem.

Oh, and in other news: worldwide wars. For decades. Based on lies.

And in more recent news: worldwide virus scam to escalate slavery and death.

But yeah: Brooke Shields is one sexy old, ugly, insane, distracting prostitute for Zionist mass-murderers.

—Russ Lindquist

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