These Nationwide Anti-white Cults, Colin Flaherty, and the KKK

George Floyd’s autopsy revealed that the violent criminal died most of all from organ failure from the TNB of multiple drug-addictions. Long story short: Floyd’s terrible habits chained him to paper-thin health. Then, like fat pig Eric Garner: George Floyd was simply too unhealthy to manage the stress from resisting arrest as he did.

And in case you know nothing about anything: to say, “I can’t breathe,” over and over, for several minutes—that requires a lot of breathing.

Now, pawns and puppets nationwide are pretending to believe a fantasy that violent criminal George Floyd died from suffocation. This fantasy is based on a video that shows violent thug George Floyd saying, over and over, “I can’t breathe”—while arguing with the arresting officers. For about five minutes.

These anti-white pawns and puppets are pretending to believe the fantasy that someone can suffocate for five minutes—while having the ability to chat about it. Meanwhile, you can dispel this fantasy on your own, right now: hold your breath for just one minute. Right now.

Most people will learn their suffocation lesson from that single minute. Some will need to try two minutes. Some elite athletes will be able to hold their breath for three minutes. But no human will ever suffocate for five minutes straight—much less while vocally complaining about it for five minutes. Again: in case you know nothing about anything: talking requires breathing.

The fools who now mob over the George Floyd fraud: their cowardice, stupidity, and hypocrisy is all and only anti-white hysteria. Not a single one of them, if pressed, would pretend to believe that these cowardly, effeminate rioters would be doing all this—if it had been black officers who detained violent thug George Floyd. This is why, in a related anti-white scam, the Zionist-controlled media could only incite the Milwaukee riots of 2016 by carefully hiding that it was a black Milwaukee officer who, in self-defense, had shot and killed violent black criminal Sylville Smith. Feel free to look up that anti-white scam and all the ways that it fell flat. There is an obvious and downright uncreative pattern to this routine renting of cowardly and hypocritical black (and white) puppets.

Many of USA’s anti-white Zionist-controlled media are violent enemies who continually rent the minds of cowardly, evil black (and white) frauds. Yet, their political pornography completely depends on carefully hiding reality. This is why violent media enemies at Google permanently disappeared, among much else, Colin Flaherty’s YouTube channel, with its million-or-so subscribers and thousands of videos—each one simply documenting rampant black-on-white crime nationwide, with Flaherty documenting also the deliberate and concerted denial, deceit, ignoring, and justifying of rampant, nationwide black-on-white savagery.

The technocrats at Google are violent enemies, who disappear massive evidence—from Flaherty and others—in order to facilitate the nationwide, anti-white hysteria that USA’s Zionist-controlled media routinely create. After all: the pawns and puppets of the George Floyd fraud already look ridiculous to anyone who is not a petty, anti-white political-whore. Yet however ridiculous these pawns and puppets look: go take a look at Colin Flaherty’s revived YouTube channel on Bitchute (

Now imagine how precisely politically-retarded these pawns would seem for trying to hype this anti-white hysteria—in the face of all Colin Flaherty’s simple, undeniable video-evidence of rampant, nationwide black-on-white violence.

I dare you to do those two simple things:

(1) check out Colin Flaherty’s Bitchute channel, where he simply documents constant, endless, nationwide black-on-white violence; and

(2) try to hold your breath for five minutes, while doing anything else (besides passing out long before the five-minute mark).

As to the KKK: imagine if there were a black Colin Flaherty—someone with thousands of videos of white-on-black crime, yet the Zionist-controlled media carefully disappeared it all.

Now, instead imagine reality: that U.S. history is full of Colin Flahertys. U.S. history is full of white people who are perfectly aware of—and raising alarm about—rampant black-on-white violence.

Now imagine another reality of U.S. history: for decades Zionist-controlled media and government has ignored, downplayed, or even justified rampant black-on-white violence.

By the way: a key reason Zionists frantically hide, lie about, and justify rampant black-on-white crime: because there is real evidence for those crimes. And whenever the standard-of-proof is real, verifiable evidence: the Holocaust myths all fall, and with them falls all the fake Zionist moral-superiority upon which rests every Satanic Zionist scam.

The moral of the story: regardless the lies that you have been fed—lies that, in your cowardice, delusion, and hypocrisy, you have chosen to swallow—there is precisely zero evidence of a KKK that went around randomly killing black people for no reason. There is zero evidence of a KKK that simply hated love, and loved hate. That KKK is an anti-white myth, created by Zionists and their enablers to ignore, justify, and even blame white victims.

On the other hand: there is all the evidence in the world that the KKK was (as it claimed) aimed at white self-defense against massive black-on-white crime (just like more than zero of the Black Panther party simply fought against anti-black crime—especially such governmental anti-black crimes as nationwide genocide programs that especially target blacks and other so-called “undesirables”—for example government’s Prevented Parenthood, which has helped black murderers kill far more blacks than even the craziest Zionist attributes to their anti-KKK myths).

As I finish typing this, it is 11:38pm on Sunday, May 31, 2020; I am a 41-year old survivor of savage attempted-murder by four cowardly Wakandans in 1998. Now, I am fine and just soaking in a warm bath, typing this “crazy, racist rant” with my phone. My better-half is in the other room, keeping up with the “peacefully protesting” anti-white mobs and rioters. And as I was concluding this: from the other room, I hear a video of an ugly, racist Wakandan bitch squalling “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!” (Blind-folded by distance, I can yet hear in her voice that she is ugly: tyrannical and speaking only in imperatives.)

True: No justice, no peace. And a peaceful and just solution to the current anti-white hysteria would be to allow the Colin Flahertys of the nation—and the world—to rebut, with video evidence, these massive anti-white scams.

But the pets and puppets of our Zionist-controlled government and media are carefully trained to reject such peaceful solutions.

Yet remember: those who make peaceful solutions impossible—they make violent solutions inevitable.

The Zionist rats and snakes will hope to leverage ongoing, politically mandated faith in their holohoax in order dictate the violent solution that must arise from this anti-white hysteria.

Regardless, out of this, we might instead see, as a solution, the rise of another KKK—in the real, accurate, good sense: white people fighting back, refusing to be sacrifices to these Satanic Zionists and their Satanic pets and puppets. And if that new KKK were to fail—like the last ones did—then future generations would be poisoned against the truth by the same kinds of anti-white, anti-KKK lies that we all grew up indoctrinated into. Because history is often just the lies told by temporary winners—as they too fade away.