Reminder: These Riots and Even the Protesters are Obviously Frauds

To review: These pawns and puppets are literally pretending to believe that cops are out killing people for no reason…yet won’t kill rioters who are burning down cities.

…it is almost as if all these frauds know perfectly well that they are liars, and they do not believe that the cops are as dangerous as the frauds are pretending.

Oh well, like I’ve said: as of now, it’s just leftists cannibalizing each other. And spoiler alert: that is likely all it will be—just leftist frauds cannibalizing each other. Because imagine this: these effeminate leftist protesters really are not that interested in a remotely fair fight. But they’re so “fierce” and so “out of control”! Surely at least some of them want to die for their cause in the bloodbath blowout that would occur the instant they try to tiptoe their violence outside of their disarmed leftist safe-spaces. God’s will? Karma? Statistical probability? In any case: everything is as it should be.

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