Outlaw Business Sense!

“Hopefully, investors do not notice these riots,” said the joker to the thief.

A common talking-point to justify black urban terrorism is “poverty causes crime!” Again: no. It is that crime causes poverty.

Plenty white idiots believe that the “racism of low expectations” is their moral and social duty. These weirdos apparently have never had the chance (or taken the time) to meet any good black people, so they feel politically compelled to make excuses for every bad black person who does something stupid.

Meanwhile, an escalation of the “poverty causes crime” myth is: “shit people—especially shit black people—would be less criminal, but no one is ‘investing in their community.'”

I know it would blow the mind of the kind of the people who make such stupid arguments—but the fact is that business investors: they tend to notice riots. I know, I know: anything a garbage black person does is heroic and justified. Still, until we have laws to force investors to make bad business choices, they will wait until something approaching civilized conduct inspires da youf in da mufukin hood.

However, those laws might just be around the corner (laws to force people into recklessly investing their life-savings into foolishly starting a business in dangerous black neighborhoods). In case you just joined us, here’s what you missed: around the same time that George Floyd was robbing women in their homes at gun-point, the government was robbing people of their wealth by propping up subprime black (and white) home-buyers who could not afford the houses they wanted. Government made it illegal not to give loans to incompetent blacks (whites too, but especially blacks). Thus, when all the people defaulted on their mortgages, the incompetent blacks lost the homes for which they were never qualified (whites too, but especially blacks).

Moral of the story: if you can pass laws to force people to give home-loans to blacks who do not qualify, then surely you can pass laws to force people to invest their livelihoods in bad, black neighborhoods—and to hire, as employees, bad black people.

But plot twist: after the placated blacks (and whites) lost their homes, all that they had invested in the homes: that money stayed with the banks—and the banks got the houses. So really the government program amounted to a scheme for robbing black (and white) people through home-loans that should never have been approved.

So the real moral of the story: no government—no matter how white, soulless, and condescending—can ever “pass laws” that will dig black (and white) degenerates out of their mental, moral, and thus socioeconomic ditch.

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