CNN’s Suicide by Cannibalism

U.S. President Donald Trump is a traitor and a treasonous enemy of the people. More specifically: Trump is a Zionist traitor; an impotent, double-talking figurehead of our Zionist-controlled government. Just like Obama, Trump promised to end USA’s worldwide terrorism waged on behalf of the atheist Zionists who occupy Palestine and daily torment Muslims and real Jews. And just like Obama, Trump betrayed the USA by reneging on his pledge to end the wars, and instead—like Obama—Trump escalated USA’s terrorism on behalf of the Satanists in the Zionist state and their controlled, two-faced uniparty of neoconservatives and neoliberals in the USA. Still, a broken clock is right twice a day. And Donald Trump is right about CNN.CNN is fake news. Laughably so. But with a recent headline, the truth-rapists at CNN outdid even themselves: “Protesters in Atlanta Mount CNN Sign and Raise Black Lives Matter Flag.”It’s an average lie for fake news CNN to mislabel rioters as “protesters.” But while titling as protestors the non-white thugs who trespassed onto CNN’s real property and destroyed CNN’s personal property—the euphemizing occasioned an even deeper political retardation by fake news CNN: the title is “Protesters in Atlanta Mount CNN Sign and Raise Black Lives Matter Flag;” and the main picture for the story, right next to the title, shows a non-white standing on damaged CNN property holding a “black lives matter” sign…and standing right beside that non-white—right next to it—is another non-white: waving the Mexican flag.A few generations ago, women were not so plagued by penis-envy. Thus, they new their place. And so they would stay at home and make babies, preferably boys. And yet those feminine and obedient women—i.e. real women—they settled only for real men. Meanwhile, in the modern day, fake news CNN is so filled with fake men and failed women—that CNN deliberately misreported its own victimizers!The point of CNN downplaying the Mexicant angle was quite clearly for CNN to up-play the Africant savages angle: to cling to the laughable myth that these riots are about that violent, dead thug George Floyd, who spent years of his life robbing women at gun-point, before being Trayvonned in 2020 by his own organ-destroying addictions.Apparently CNN was dead set on associating CNN’s well-deserved victimization with only the premiere dead black criminal hero of the political moment—George Floyd. That is to say that apparently CNN Atlanta is so mind-numbed from leftist bigotry—so politically inbred from centralized globalist agitprop—that it could not even showcase the leftist commandments of diversity and inclusion with a title like, “Peaceful mob showcases black love and brown pride at CNN headquarters in the STD capital of the nation.” (That would have even extended the diversity and inclusion to the bug-chasers, gift-givers, pedophiles, and pedophile-enablers of Atlanta’s death-sprinting LGBT savages.)Setting aside fake news CNN: in the real world, we know that black-on-white crimes massively outnumber white-on-black crimes. We know this through the white art of statistics. See, throughout the last century or so, evil black Americans were rampantly raping white women and rampantly killing white men, then teaming up with evil white men (and even eviler Zionists) to gaslight black-on-white victims of rape and murder, as well as to justice-shame the KKK for fighting against rampant black-on-white rape and murder, and black-on-white crime generally.At the same time that the worst blacks were perfecting black-on-white rape and murder, and the wider black community was perfecting soulful, charismatic, Zionist-led hypocrisy and victim-blaming toward black-on-white violence victims: white and delightsome Europeans were perfecting statistics—the semi-science of fancy guesses based on data.One tool that fully developed humans developed to track and generate data on the aforementioned inter-species rape and murder is called the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS). Through the NCVS, victims’ own reports pile up at the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). Then the BJS can report with impressive accuracy who harmed whom, according to the victims themselves. Thus, for example, the BJS, through the NCVS, can tell us:• How many infants reported being raped by an AIDS-infected black African man, whose witch-doctor told him that the rape would cure the AIDS; and• how many albino children reported that they were hunted down by black Africans, who chopped off the albino children’s arms and legs to sell to an African witch-doctor who would brew the children’s limbs into a magic potion.And of course, NCVS can also tell us how many annoying white bitch Karens snitched on their black rapists, or how many racist white men reported getting what they deserved by being soulfully and charismatically tortured and murdered by feral troops of unarmed Wakandans who were getting their lives back together.But a big worry among Wakandan scholars is that racist white crime-victims would be victimized by other whites—yet report their attacker as black, to skew the statistics and make innocent blacks look bad.Conventional white wisdom on the matter has been that Wakandans generally theorize about as well as they strategize, or build rocketships, or fair on a standardized test—which is about how well white folks manage to visit Mercury with a Wakandan rocketship without getting sunburned.But today, CNN proved the conventional wisdom all wrong: there are indeed people so delusional, so hysterical—so politically retarded—that they would intentionally misreport their own attacker’s identity, for the sake of being fake news CNN.

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