Shocking News for Black-worshiping TV-addicts: Violent Thug George Floyd Died From Being a Drug-addicted Rapist

Gentle giant George Floyd is dead. He died about a decade after winning criminal conviction in Houston, Texas, for acting out his favorite rap video: holding a gun to the head of black 10-year-old April Corcoran, while robbing and raping her.

In an act of sheer wizardry, the same anti-black science that determined beloved black degenerate Eric Garner died not from choking but from being a fat pig—has determined that George Floyd died not from suffocation but rather from being a typical black drug-addict. (In related news: beloved black president Barack Obama, and his black-beaten white mom, are petitioning the CDC to declare that throat cancer is racist because it disparately impacts the black community—affecting blacks twice as often as non-heroes.)

The bad news for the George Floyd fraud follows previous racistly disappointing science. Similar medical mysticism had revealed that violent thug Trayvon Martin was a drug addict who, at 17-years-old, had already murdered his own organs with narcotics long before he tried to murder 5’7″ Jewish Peruvian George Zimmerman by slamming Zimmerman’s head into concrete—days before USA’s anti-white Zionist-controlled media carefully concocted an entire fantasy about Trayvon Martin being something other than a tall, tough, violent criminal.

George Floyd’s family has rejected the western witch-doctors who conducted the autopsy, calling the procedure superstition. “How many of these so-called ‘forensic pathologists’ have ever hacked off the limbs of an albino African child and brewed the severed arms and legs into a magic potion, like we do in Wakanda?” asked the Floyd family’s attorney, Benjamin N. Crump, who used the progressive name “Wakanda” for dear mommy Africa.

Crump previously represented the family of violent drug-addict Trayvon Martin, in the Martin family’s civil suit against the violent, dead thug’s Jewish Peruvian victim, George Zimmerman. In that trial, attorney Crump raised a similar objection about the difference between western autopsies versus traditional African medicine. In the courtroom, Crump demanded: “these so-called pathologists claim they can determine a cause of death without first drinking a magic potion brewed from the hacked-off limbs of an albino African child—but these western frauds do not even accept the African science of infant-rape as a cure for AIDS!” With that, the court room echoed the howls of simian approval rising from among Trayvon’s semi-erect family.

George Floyd’s family has vowed to waste the dead drug-addict thug’s GoFundMe funds on as many autopsies as it takes to find a pathologist whom they hope will be “black enough and brave enough to factor white-privilege into the autopsy.” In an interview with NIGTV, the family reported: “we had to shop all over for an attorney brave enough and black enough to take our merit-less fraud of a case—so we are not about to accept the opinion of a medical doctor who racistly refuses to placate our anti-white delusions of victimhood!”

Anti-racism legend Barack Obama could not be reached for comment or change, but he did murder hundreds of children with drone-strikes.

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