Riots as Catharsis for the Usual Black-on-White Victims

BREAKING NEWS: “Houston Texas and Detroit Michigan are Turning Violent!!!”

Anyone who has been remotely paying attention: “Turning?”

Moral of the story: Anyone who knows anything about those cities, they know that those cities—and plenty of the others now burning—are violent shitholes all the time.

Meanwhile, for the usual victim in these crime-ridden shitholes, it is actually an act of kindness whenever the media race-bait these fraudulent riots, because then—if only for a few days—the usual black-on-white victims (and the usual black-on-black victims) can feel safe, knowing that the usual violent blacks will be on their best behavior (i.e. focused strictly on media-directed crime and violence), and so the usual victims will be spared for a while—before the usual robbing, raping, and killing starts back again.

Or, to paraphrase what was said in 2013: “During the time between the arrest of Jewish Peruvian George Zimmerman for defending himself against violent thug Trayvon Martin, and the scam trial for the ‘white latino’—thousands of blacks died nationwide. Name one.”

The “punchline” is that no one can ever name any other victims (except for the other victims’ own families of course), because these anti-white pets and puppets know only what they are carefully fed by our anti-white (and definitely anti-black) Zionist-controlled media. Meanwhile, lest we forget: today, statistically, a thousand or so black children were murdered in the womb for convenience at the government-run genocide program: Prevented Parenthood. And in case you’re bad at logic: the many black (and white) maniacs who would murder their children for convenience—and the culture that would celebrate this: there is no reasoning with them. As the Christian bible says in First Timothy, Chapter 5, Verse 6: they are dead even while they live.

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