Non-men’s License for, and Addiction to, Overreaction and Falsity (she-reporter exaggerates “Stolen Valor charge”)

She-headline: “Man sentenced to at least 6 years in jail for stolen valor” (courtesy of she journalist Natalie Dreier of WFTV 9, in Orlando, Florida).

Useful headline: Pennsylvania man found guilty of stolen valor and theft (courtesy of Kyle Rempfer for the Army Times).

Actual story: A man faked military service to gain the confidence of some people. He then stole a lot of their money. He was convicted of nine felonies in connect with the theft, and also convicted of the two “stolen valor” misdemeanors that the prosecutor tacked on to make the least-focused military members and veterans feel a little less betrayed by their government.

Moral of the story—
As always, when people need facts—men get to work. Yet in plenty industries—certainly Journalism—some guy middle-manager will set loose his credulous, bumbling she-worker to womansplain some exaggerated, emotional angle—typically eventuating at least informational uselessness, if not downright falsity.

Here, I’d bet long-gone handful of semesters training as a Journalist that the Stolen Valor charges had precisely zero effect on the time meted to the convicted. Yet and still, the she-reporter hyped up the “look how much we care about respect the military”—something that Airman Rempfer of the U.S. Air Force did not feel the need to do. Because guess what: exaggeration is for penis-envying women and effeminate men—two classes of mediocrity that never need to solve (or even explain) anything of consequence, so they just say shit.

Meanwhile, she-reporters (etc.) in situations like this likely just fucked a soldier at some point in her life, or her dad was a sailor a decade before she was born—so her life amounts to mannish mimicry in order to placate the perspective of the kind of weak, foolish almost-men (of which the military is full) who is too insecure to just be the woman-devaluing homo he really is—so he seeks out a little penis-less wannabe-man to be his mini. Nevertheless: still a better love story than Twilight.

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