George Floyd, Martin Luther King, and the Satanists in the U.S. Government

Several similarities exist between the recently deceased modern Civil Rights icon George Floyd, and Civil Rights legend MLK, who was of course born Michael King before culturally appropriating the German name Martin Luther and plagiarizing most of his schoolwork, including the assignments for which MLK earned the titles doctor and reverend.

MLK and George Floyd were both heroically black, yet their similarities extend even beyond the all-important modern moral standard of being black. For one thing, both black heroes’ livelihoods often depended on dishonesty. Also both were degenerate womanizers with a history of violence towards black women.

When it came to that violence against black women: the memory of both Civil Rights frauds receive a near-complete coverup of their violence, by USA’s Zionist-controlled media. Media carefully downplay MLK beating one of the prostitute black women with whom MLK cheated on his wife the night before the prostitutes’ pimp killed MLK in retaliation; media likewise is now carefully downplaying that George Floyd was arrested, tried, and convicted in 2007 for pointing a gun at a black woman’s stomach while robbing her for drugs in Houston, Texas.

White supremacists of the U.S. government (especially the black ones) constantly leverage countless Civil Rights frauds—MLK, Tawana Brawley, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sylville Smith, Freddie Gray, Jussie Smollett, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, etc.—to derail legitimate black (and white) interests and hide massive anti-black (and anti-white) programs.

In the 60’s, white devils used MLK (and the Civil Rights scam generally) to distract public attention away from the countless black (and white) fathers, and men generally, whom the U.S. government was forcing into war in Vietnam and beyond, based on an eventually declassified false-flag lie by the U.S. government, called the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

The Vietnam-war scam was a massive theft of black (and white) fathers and men generally, which significantly destroyed black (and white) health, wealth, and family in the USA. But the U.S. government pretended to make up for that destruction by distracting the nation with black-woman-beating black bitch MLK, and the Civil Rights scam movement generally—which amounted to forcing whites to put up with blacks, forcing blacks to put up with whites, and massively restructuring social incentives for blacks and whites: for the first time in history, rewarding only blacks and whites who obediently and frantically spoke against free-association and in favor of forced integration.

Now, the pets and puppets who have descended from the government-made cult of forced integration: they have accepted—as secular gospel—such ridiculous, unprecedented notions as, “diversity is our greatest strength,” as well as a politically religious bigotry against anyone who professes a preference to be around people like themselves—racially or otherwise.

Just as the white (and black) devils of the U.S. government used the idea of cowardly violent black fraud MLK to distract and stupefy the nation in the 1960’s (and beyond); similar white and black devils, now in the 2020’s, use the idea of cowardly violent black fraud George Floyd (among many other frauds) to distract and stupefy the nation, at a time when traitors in the government have imploded millions of black and white livelihoods by outlawing work, in response to the COVID scam, as part of a plot to destabilize and depopulate the world.

(Meanwhile, the targets of this worldwide depopulation plot should nominate the depopulation profiteers—Bill Gates, etc.—as test-pilots for the depopulation project. After all, science tells us that there are far too many Bill Gates in the world, and that to bring the world into harmony with itself, we need to reduce the world’s Bill Gates population—from one to none—or else the world will end.)

And speaking of politically convenient mass-murder: Civil Rights frauds MLK and George Floyd both serve, most of all, as the most important distraction for the white devils in government and their Zionist-controlled media: nationwide genocide of black and white people, through government’s mass-murder scheme—Prevented Parenthood.

Nevertheless, and despite all this—always remember: white and black devils, their cowardly slithering Zionist middlemen, and their black and white pets and puppets—they will always tempt you towards distraction, self-importance, and all other manner of suicidal Satanism. They are evil, and the job of evil is to tempt you into self-destruction. However, it is your responsibility (and your response-ability) to reject that temptation, to reject that evil—and to do what is right, no matter the color of the people involved.

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